Why Should I Register My Cat With Tica?


Tica, The International Cat Association, is the world’s largest genetic registry of pedigreed cats. Cat registration with Tica provides proof of ownership and pedigree verification for purebred cats. Registering your cat with Tica enables recovery if your cat becomes lost, allows you to enter cat shows and competitions, contributes to feline health research, and gives you membership in a worldwide community of cat enthusiasts. While registration is not mandatory for pet cats, it offers meaningful benefits for cat owners dedicated to purebred cats.

Establish Ownership

One of the key benefits of registering your cat with TICA is that it provides legal proof of ownership. By having your cat’s microchip number or tattoo registered in TICA’s database, you have documentation showing you are the official and rightful owner of your cat.

This can be extremely important if your cat ever gets lost or stolen. With TICA registration papers, you have evidence you are the true owner and can help get your cat back. The registration documents contain your contact details, so if your lost cat arrives at an animal shelter or vet’s office, they can easily identify you as the owner and return your cat to you.

Without registration documents, it can be challenging to prove ownership of a cat. TICA registration gives you that verifiable paper trail showing the cat belongs to you. This gives you legal protection and leverage if any ownership disputes arise down the road. Having registration papers can make all the difference in securely reclaiming your lost or stolen cat.

As the TICA website states, “Registration confirms that the cat belongs to you and only you!” (Source). So if establishing clear, legal ownership of your feline companion is important to you, TICA registration is highly recommended.

Lost Cat Recovery

One of the biggest benefits of registering your cat with TICA is that it greatly increases your chances of being reunited if your cat becomes lost. According to the Humane Society, only about 2-5% of lost cats who aren’t microchipped or otherwise identifiable are ever reunited with their owners. However, a TICA registration provides you with multiple forms of identification to aid in recovering your lost cat.

When you register with TICA, your cat is assigned a unique registration number that can be used to identify them if found. TICA also maintains a database of registered cats that can be searched if someone finds a lost cat and contacts them. Local lost pet groups like Maine Lost Cat Recovery can also utilize TICA registration details in reuniting lost cats with owners.

Having identifiable information for your cat on file with a major registry like TICA gives you the best chance of being contacted and reunited if your beloved cat goes missing. While some cats may return on their own, others require the help of good Samaritans, shelters and rescue groups to facilitate a reunion. TICA registration ensures your cat has identification if found, making it much more likely you’ll get a happy call that your kitty has been located.

Pedigree and Ancestry

Registering your cat with TICA provides an official pedigree document that traces your cat’s ancestry through generations. According to the TICA registration forms, individual registration requires a copy of a certificate from another association and a certified three generation pedigree.

With TICA registration, you can order a 3/5 generation pedigree, a vertical pedigree, or a progeny report for your registered cat through TICA’s pedigree forms. These documents provide proof of your cat’s lineage and family tree going back multiple generations. For breeders, having a documented pedigree is essential for tracking ancestry and purebred characteristics.

You can also access your cat’s pedigree and ancestry through TICA’s online services once registered. The pedigree provides authoritative verification of your cat’s background and genetics.

Show Cat Participation

One of the main reasons to register your cat with TICA is if you want to participate in cat shows. According to TICA’s website, a registration number is required for a cat or kitten to be eligible to compete at any TICA show. TICA puts on hundreds of cat shows around the world each year, offering cat owners and breeders opportunities to showcase their cats and have them evaluated against breed standards.

Registration provides proof of pedigree for your cat. Judges at TICA shows will want to see registration paperwork to verify your cat’s ancestry and breed purity. Registration is especially important for pedigreed cats like Bengals, Ragdolls, Siamese, and other established breeds. It’s required for cats to earn titles and awards at shows.

For example, a Bengal cat owner couldn’t enter their cat into the Bengal breed class at a show unless it was registered with a validating body like TICA. The cat’s registration number would be included in the show paperwork. Registration ensures every show cat meets breed requirements.

Source: https://iconicbengalcatbreeders.com/is-my-cat-a-bengal/

Health and Genetic Research

Registering your cat with TICA provides important data that can further health and genetic research. TICA maintains pedigree records and health and disease information, according to the Registration Rules. This aggregated data helps researchers identify health issues and genetic diseases that may be more prevalent in certain breeds or bloodlines. By contributing your cat’s information to the registry, you are assisting with efforts to better understand feline health and genetics.

For example, researchers accessed TICA’s database of over 800,000 registered cats to conduct studies on hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a heart disease that affects some breeds like Maine Coons and Ragdolls. According to a 2010 study published on TICA’s website, the analysis of pedigree data enabled advancements in detecting carriers and understanding patterns of inheritance. This type of research is only possible through the compilation of registration records provided by cat owners.


One of the greatest benefits of registering your cat with TICA is connecting with a community of other cat owners, breeders, and enthusiasts. TICA has members across the world, providing a built-in social network for cat lovers. You can connect with local TICA members through shows, events, and online groups. TICA also holds an annual conference where cat fanciers gather to compete, learn, and socialize.

As a TICA member, you’ll have access to regional clubs and online communities to exchange cat care tips, find reputable breeders, and talk cats with fellow enthusiasts. TICA’s online services like forums, Facebook groups, and chat rooms allow you to connect with other cat owners regardless of geography. You can join interest groups, breed clubs, and regional clubs to meet local TICA members.

Through TICA’s robust community, you can find mentors, get cat care advice, learn about shows and events, and make lifelong friends who share your passion for cats. If you want to breed and register litters, TICA connects you with ethical breeders and provides guidance on responsible breeding practices.

Overall, registering with TICA opens up a welcoming community of cat lovers from all over the world. You’ll find camaraderie and share knowledge to improve the lives of your own cats and the breed.

Pride and Prestige

Registering your purebred cat with TICA provides official validation of your cat’s pedigree and ancestral lineage. For dedicated cat owners and breeders, having the proper documentation of a cat’s ancestry can reflect well on themselves and their breeding programs.

Obtaining registration papers and pedigree information from TICA gives owners a sense of pride and prestige. It shows their cat comes from quality lineage and meets breed standards. In the cat fancy world, having official registration elevates the status and value of a purebred cat. According to Cat’s Pride, members gain exclusive access to offers and can support local shelters.

By registering with TICA, owners obtain the satisfaction and respect that comes with owning a pedigreed cat. Their cat’s eligibility for cat shows and competitions also provides opportunities to showcase the quality of their feline.

Support Tica

Registering your cat with Tica helps support the organization financially through registration fees. Tica is a non-profit cat registry that relies on registration fees as a primary source of funding. When you pay to register your cat, those fees go towards Tica’s operating costs and allow them to continue their work upholding breed standards, hosting cat shows, supporting research, and more.

According to Tica’s website, registration fees are $10-15 for each cat or litter registered [1]. While this may seem insignificant on an individual level, collectively these fees add up and make a real difference. Tica registrations have grown significantly over the years, from just 28,000 cats registered in 1979 to over 2 million by 2007 [1]. With every new cat registered, more funds are contributed to further Tica’s mission.

By registering your cat, you directly enable the work of this major cat registry. Your registration fees help cover operating costs, develop new programs and services, maintain pedigree records, host shows, publish educational materials, and much more. Support an organization you believe in by registering your cat and contributing your small share.


In summary, there are several compelling reasons for registering your cat with TICA:

Firstly, it establishes ownership through a legal record that can facilitate your cat’s recovery if lost or stolen. Having your cat’s microchip number and details on file with a major registry is the best way to reunite with your beloved pet.

Secondly, registration provides insight into your cat’s pedigree and ancestry, allowing you to validate pure breeding and research genetic health information. It also opens up opportunities to participate in cat shows and competitions.

Additionally, registration aids health and genetic research initiatives to better the lives of all cats. By contributing data to TICA’s breeder networks and databases, you can play a role in the bigger mission of feline welfare and care.

Registration also connects you with a community of fellow cat enthusiasts. It allows you to take pride in your pedigreed cat and engage more deeply in the cat fancy. On a personal level, it formalizes your relationship with your cat and the TICA community.

Lastly, registering with TICA directly supports their work as one of the world’s largest pedigree cat registries. Your participation helps further their nonprofit mission.

For all these reasons, cat registration with TICA offers invaluable benefits. We hope this breakdown has helped demonstrate the many advantages, and provides motivation to take that next step to register your own cat today.

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