Are Quiet Cat Lovers More Introverted Than Extroverted Dog Owners?

Introversion is one of the key personality traits in psychology and refers to a preference for quiet, minimally stimulating environments ( Introverts tend to be inward turning, introspective, reserved, and get their energy from being alone as opposed to extroverts who get energy from being around others. Research shows introversion correlates with certain behaviors and preferences like enjoying solitary activities, finding social interactions draining, and being reflective before speaking (

There is a common perception that cat owners tend to be more introverted compared to dog owners. The hypothesis is that the independent, low maintenance nature of cats appeals more to introverts who enjoy peace and solitude. This article will examine if there is any truth to the belief that cat owners are more likely to be introverts compared to other pet owners.

Reasons Why Cat Owners May Be More Introverted

One of the main reasons why cat owners tend to be more introverted is that cats are independent pets that don’t require as much active interaction compared to dogs. As introverts often prefer solitary activities and quiet environments, cats make ideal pets 1. Cats are content entertaining themselves and don’t demand constant attention or high energy engagement the way dogs do. This matches well with the lower-key interaction style introverts are more comfortable with.

Studies have shown that introverted personalities find cats easier to live with because they don’t infringe on their need for plenty of alone time 2. Taking a dog for walks or to the park involves more social interaction than most introverts prefer. Cats are lower maintenance in terms of needing less active time and engagement from their owners overall.

Additionally, introverts tend to thrive in calm environments, which cats readily provide. A cat peacefully napping or curling up in your lap creates the type of quiet, relaxed atmosphere many introverts find ideal. The independent, quieter temperament of cats naturally suits the more reserved, solitary nature of introverted personalities.

cats suit introverts who prefer calm environments

Studies on Cat Owners and Introversion

Research has explored potential links between cat ownership and introversion. One study led by Dr. Stanley Coren of the University of British Columbia analyzed connections between pet ownership and personality type ( Results showed that cat owners tended to score higher on introversion than dog owners. Another study published in Anthrozoös examined personality traits among Siamese and mixed breed cat owners ( Researchers found positive correlations between these cat breeds and owner introversion levels.

These studies imply cat owners are more likely to exhibit introverted tendencies like desiring solitude, avoiding crowds, and participating less in social situations. The independent nature of cats may attract introverts who don’t require constant social interaction or stimulation from pets. However, more research is still needed to further establish and confirm the relationship between cat ownership and increased introversion.

Anecdotal Observations

There are numerous personal accounts and testimonials from cat owners describing themselves as introverted or shy. On online forums and blogs, many cat owners share that they are introverts who feel a strong connection with their cats.

For example, one cat owner states, “As an introvert, I’ve always felt more connected to cats. I like that I can enjoy their company without feeling pressure to constantly interact with them.” (Source)

Veterinarians and animal shelter workers often observe cat owners exhibiting introverted tendencies. As one veterinarian recounts, “Many of my cat owner clients tend to be quieter and more reserved. They seem to feel most comfortable in the calm, low-stimulation environment created by their cats.” (Source)

While anecdotal, these first-hand experiences suggest a pattern of cat owners identifying as introverts or displaying introverted personality traits.

Other Explanations and Contributing Factors

correlation between cat ownership and introversion has multiple factors

While some studies show a correlation between introversion and cat ownership, it’s important to note that correlation does not necessarily mean causation. There are several factors that may contribute to this association besides pure personality fit.

For example, introverts often have smaller social circles and spend more time alone. Having a cat provides companionship while also respecting an introvert’s need for peace and quiet. Cats require less maintenance and socialization than dogs, making them a lower-energy pet more suited to introverts’ lifestyles [1].

Additionally, cultural stereotypes portray cats as independent and introverted themselves. This may draw introverts to cats or make cat ownership more socially acceptable among introverts. However, these are generalizations – there is much individual variation in cat personalities and needs [2].

Finally, financial and housing situations may also contribute. Introverts tend to have smaller social circles, so may rely on smaller living spaces. Cats are better suited to apartments and owners with lower budgets. However, extroverts in similar situations may also opt for cats out of necessity.

In summary, while there are plausible explanations, the introvert-cat correlation should not be oversimplified. Further research is needed to analyze the nuances of this relationship.

Counterpoints and Caveats

While some research suggests that cat owners may tend to be more introverted on average, it’s important to note that not all cat owners are introverted. There are significant individual differences between people, regardless of whether they own a cat.

Stereotypes about both cat owners and introverts may also not apply in many cases. For example, the notion that cat owners are anti-social is a common myth, as cats can be highly social creatures when properly socialized and raised in a loving home environment (Source).

Additionally, introverts are often unfairly characterized as being anti-social or shy. In reality, introverts simply tend to prefer less stimulation and gain energy from time alone, which differs from the gregariousness and high sociability of extroverts. But introverts are just as capable of socializing without being shy or withdrawn.

While general patterns linking cat ownership and introversion may exist, they do not apply universally. There are many highly outgoing and social cat owners, as well as introverts who do not care for cats at all. Individual experiences and personalities vary tremendously.

Advice for Prospective Cat Owners

Here are some tips for introverts considering getting a cat as a pet:

tips for introverts considering getting a cat

Cats can be great companions for introverts. They are independent creatures who don’t require constant social interaction. Introverts often appreciate this low-maintenance aspect of feline companionship. When cats do seek affection, they are usually content with a calming petting session which can relieve an introvert’s anxiety.

Before adopting a cat, think about your lifestyle and personality. While all cats have an independent streak, some breeds and individual cats are more outgoing and demanding of attention than others. Do your research to find cats well-suited to a quieter household.

Make sure you can provide a safe, comfortable home environment for your new feline friend. Have appropriate scratching posts, toys, litter boxes, and hideaways set up ahead of time. This will help kitty transition smoothly into your home.

Initially, be patient and let the cat warm up to you at their own pace. Offer treats, playtime, and gentle affection to build up trust. Once bonded, cats can be loving companions for introverts seeking low-key friendship on their own terms.

While independent, cats still require daily care, feeding, exercise, vet visits, etc. Make sure you are ready for this responsibility before adopting. Cats can be ideal pets for introverts, but they do have needs requiring time and attention.

With research and preparation, cat adoption can be rewarding for introverts seeking an in-home companion. The key is choosing the right cat for your personality and lifestyle.


In summary, the research presented above seems to suggest a real, though small, correlation between cat ownership and introverted personality traits. Several studies using personality inventories and surveys have found that cat owners are more likely to rate themselves as introverts compared to dog owners and the general population. While the effect size is small, the pattern holds true across multiple studies with decent sample sizes.

Additionally, firsthand observations and anecdotes align with the notion of cat people being more solitary, reserved, independent and introspective compared to dog people’s more gregarious and extroverted temperament. However, it’s important to note that these are broad generalizations that don’t apply universally to all cat and dog owners. Plenty of extroverts own cats, and many introverts have dogs. Personality and pet preference are complex topics influenced by many variables. But the preponderance of evidence does suggest cat ownership skews slightly more introverted on average.

research shows a small correlation between cat ownership and introversion


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