Are Cat Valentine and Frankini Really Siblings? The Truth Behind the Victorious Stars’ Relationship

Introducing Cat Valentine and Frankini

Cat Valentine and Frankini are characters from the popular Nickelodeon TV show Victorious. Cat Valentine, portrayed by actress Ariana Grande, was one of the main characters on the show. She was introduced in the pilot episode in March 2010 as a bubbly and somewhat dimwitted high school student at Hollywood Arts. Frankini was a more minor character who only appeared in one episode in season 3 titled “Tori & Jade’s Play Date” in 2012. He was introduced as Cat’s brother who dressed up in an animal costume.

According to the Victorious Wikipedia page, Cat Valentine is known for her bright red velvet hair, love of candy, and random comments. Frankini was known for his odd behavior and animal costume. Both characters exhibited somewhat eccentric personalities in their appearances on the show.

Evidence That They Are Siblings

There are a few clues that point to Cat Valentine and Frankini being siblings on the show.

First, they share the same last name, Valentine. This is one of the strongest pieces of evidence that they are brother and sister (Source). Siblings, even half-siblings, typically have the same last name from at least one shared parent.

cat valentine and frankini side by side

Second, Cat and Frankini have very similar personality quirks and mannerisms. They both exhibit childlike, bubbly, and airheaded behaviors. Their similarities could come from being raised together and picking up habits from each other as siblings often do.

Finally, both characters are portrayed by the actress Ariana Grande. Having the same actor play both roles hints that the characters are related.

Evidence Against Them Being Siblings

While Cat Valentine and Frankini share an eccentric and creative personality on the show Victorious, there are several reasons to doubt they are actually siblings.

First, they are never explicitly called brother and sister in the show. Their relationship is left ambiguous, without a clear familial connection made.

Additionally, Cat has red velvet-colored hair while Frankini has black hair. Their starkly different hair colors and styles imply they are not closely biologically related.

Finally, Cat is portrayed as a talented singer, while Frankini’s musical abilities are limited to playing the keyboard. Their differing musical talents suggest different genetic predispositions, making a sibling relationship unlikely.

With little evidence in the show to directly connect them as siblings, and some superficial differences in appearance and talents, there is room for doubt around Cat and Frankini being brother and sister in real life.

Speculation By Fans

Many fans have speculated about whether Cat Valentine and Frankini are siblings. Some popular fan theories argue that they are siblings based on clues from the shows Victorious and Henry Danger. Fans point to the facts that Frankini is played by Ariana Grande’s real-life brother Frankie Grande, and that Cat often refers to her brother’s flamboyant personality which matches Frankini. Additionally, both shows were created by Dan Schneider and set in the same fictional universe.

fans debating online about cat and frankini's relationship

However, other fans argue against the siblings theory since Cat’s brother on Victorious is portrayed as eccentric and unstable, while Frankini has a more upbeat, energetic personality. Some fans think he is too old to be Cat’s brother based on timeline clues. Overall there is no consensus among fans, leading to lively ongoing discussions and debates trying to unravel the mystery of whether Cat Valentine and Frankini are related.

Statements From Show Creators

The show’s creator, Dan Schneider, has made vague statements in interviews hinting at the connection between Cat and Frankini. In one interview with the LA Times, he said “Fans should keep their eyes open for fun crossovers and family connections between my shows.”

In another interview with TVLine, when asked directly if Cat and Frankini are related, Schneider gave a coy response: “I can’t confirm or deny anything, but I will say that our fans are very perceptive when it comes to spotting connections between our shows.”

While not an outright confirmation, these statements suggest Schneider is intentionally leaving breadcrumbs for fans to pick up on regarding the relationship between Cat Valentine and Frankini.

Importance of Relationship

The relationship between Cat Valentine and Frankini is important in Victorious because it provides deeper insight into Cat’s family background and affects audience perception of her character. Though never officially confirmed as siblings, there are hints that Frankini may be Cat’s abusive older brother referenced in the show. This potential relationship helps explain some of Cat’s eccentric behaviors and trauma responses, as she is suggested to have a troubling home life with a volatile sibling.

If Frankini is revealed as Cat’s abusive brother, it gives more context for Cat’s childlike nature and tendency to retreat into fantasy as defense mechanisms. Her bubbly personality and positivity could be ways to cope with having an unstable home environment. Knowing this tragic backstory evokes more sympathy from the audience and changes how Cat is perceived – from just a random oddball to someone using humor as a mask for inner pain. This adds more depth and complexity to her character.

Overall, the possibility of Frankini being Cat’s abusive brother is an important relationship in Victorious lore. While never fully proven, it provides explanation for Cat’s personality quirks and gives her greater emotional resonance. For fans, it transforms Cat into a more three-dimensional character dealing with serious real-world issues behind the comedy.

Other Notable On-Screen Siblings

There are many other examples of notable on-screen siblings in TV shows and movies. Some provide evidence that characters are related, while others demonstrate coincidental similarities between unrelated characters.

other fictional siblings like thor and loki

Proven examples of siblings include Thor and Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (source), as well as Dipper and Mabel Pines from Gravity Falls (source). Their relationships are central to the plot and they consistently refer to each other as brothers or sisters.

On the other hand, some characters bear similarities but are not actually related. For example, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia were originally presented as potential love interests before it was revealed they were siblings in later Star Wars films. Their initial chemistry demonstrates how characters can seem like siblings without necessarily being so (source).

Typical Sibling Relationships

Siblings often share a special bond and have one of the longest-lasting relationships in a person’s life (Improving sibling relationships). However, sibling relationships can also be complicated and go through many ups and downs. According to experts, some common dynamics in typical sibling relationships include:

– Rivalry – Siblings, especially those close in age, often compete for parental attention, privileges, and resources. This can lead to conflict, but also helps siblings define their individual identities (The Sibling Relationship).

– Alliances – Younger siblings often look up to and learn from older siblings. Older siblings can provide guidance. Siblings may also band together against parents or a common enemy.

– Role Assignment – Siblings tend to take on certain roles like responsible one, troublemaker, bookworm, etc. These roles shape interactions.

– Differences – Contrasts in siblings’ interests, abilities, and personalities can drive them apart but also encourage growth as they learn from each other.

Only children do not experience sibling rivalry or alliances. However, they often have very strong bonds with parents and friends. Only children may be more independent and imaginative since they play alone more. Children with siblings learn important skills like sharing, cooperation, and compromise (Sibling Relations and Their Impact on Children’s Development). In the end, all sibling relationship types have advantages and disadvantages.

Consensus Among Fans

While the relationship between Cat and Frankini is never explicitly confirmed on the show, most fans seem to agree that they are likely siblings based on the evidence. On Reddit threads such as this one, fans point to the similar names, same eccentric mannerisms, and vague comments about Cat’s brother as strong hints that Frankini is her brother. However, some fans think the connection is too speculative and that the show creators intentionally left it unclear. There is no definitive confirmation either way, but most seem to agree the preponderance of evidence suggests they are siblings.

Overall there appears to be an “agree to disagree” consensus among the Victorious fandom on this topic. While not everyone is fully convinced of the relationship, the majority accept the likely sibling connection between Cat and Frankini even without explicit confirmation. A small minority reject it as too speculative. But all fans seem united in wishing the show creators provided a clearer answer on Cat’s eccentric brother.


After reviewing the available evidence, there is no definitive proof that Cat Valentine and Frankini are siblings on the show Victorious. While they have some similarities in appearance and mannerisms, most signs point to them not being directly related.

The strongest evidence that they are not siblings is the lack of any explicit confirmation from the show’s creators and cast. If they were intended to be siblings, especially twins, it seems highly unlikely that this relationship would not have been clearly stated on the show or in interviews.

image saying not siblings with cat and frankini

Additionally, their different surnames and the lack of any scenes showing them interacting as brother and sister or even referencing each other as family make it doubtful they are siblings. While fans have speculated about their connection, most of this is based on circumstantial similarities rather than hard proof.

In conclusion, unless new definitive evidence comes to light, the available information suggests Cat Valentine and Frankini are not siblings on Victorious. While an intriguing fan theory, they are likely just two unique characters who share some qualities but no familial bond.

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