Cat-Bats. The Purrfect Hybrid Pet?

Cat X bats are a series of baseball bats manufactured by Marucci. The Cat X, first introduced in 2017, was designed to have a balanced swing weight and a large barrel that maximizes the trampoline effect on contact. Marucci developed the Cat X line using advice from professional players including Andrew McCutchen and David Ortiz.

The Cat X series includes three main models: the Cat X, the Cat X Connect, and the Cat X Legacy. The original Cat X features a one-piece alloy construction designed for power hitting. The Cat X Connect uses a composite handle and alloy barrel to create a balanced, hybrid bat. Finally, the Cat X Legacy incorporates Marucci’s highest-grade carbon fiber composite into a one-piece construction optimized for maximum pop and performance.


Marucci Cat X bats have a sleek and modern design with a black barrel and handle and a color-dipped neon green line down the middle of the barrel to vibrantly catch the eye. The bats are made primarily of a composite material, which provides a more flexible and durable alternative to traditional aluminum alloy bats (Marucci Cat X Baseball Bat Series Review).

cat x bat appearance

The Cat X bats are only available in BBCOR certified models, which means they have a -3 length to weight ratio and are approved for high school and collegiate play. They come in a variety of lengths, typically ranging from 30-34 inches. The bats have a standard 2 5/8 inch barrel diameter with a relatively thin handle (Marucci Cat X Baseball Bat Series Review).

Overall, the sleek black and neon green design creates hype and interest in the Cat X bat models, while the composite material provides flexibility and durability to make it attractive for competitive high school and college players.


Cat X bats generally have a good, mild temperament. While they have high energy levels due to their crossbred nature, Cat X bats are affectionate animals that bond closely with their owners. Most Cat X bats are playful, active, intelligent, and eager to please. They thrive when given plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. Cat X bats tend to get along well with children and other pets when properly socialized from a young age. They can be independent at times but aim to stay close to their owners whenever possible. Some Cat X bats may be more vocal than other bat breeds. Potential owners should be prepared for an energetic companion that needs daily activity and enrichment. With their smart and amiable nature, Cat X bats make loyal and entertaining pets when their needs are met.

Care Requirements

Cat x bats require a large habitat with room to fly freely. Cat x bats are active fliers and should have a habitat at least 6 feet wide, 3 feet deep, and 8 feet tall. The habitat should be escape-proof with a wire top or high sides. Be sure to provide plenty of places to perch such as branches and ledges. The habitat should be kept at 80-85°F and 40-55% humidity. Line the bottom of the cage with newspaper, bark shavings, or corn cob bedding for easy cleaning. Clean the habitat once a week by removing any soiled bedding and scrubbing perches and food dishes.

cat x bat habitat

Cat x bats need daily exercise outside their habitat to prevent boredom and stress. A cat x bat will greatly benefit from at least an hour of supervised playtime each day. Provide toys for enrichment and ample room to fly, jump, and run around. Be careful they don’t escape or get injured during playtime. Supervise children around cat x bats.

Grooming requirements for cat x bats includes trimming their wing claws every two weeks. Use an emery board or nail trimmer made for small animals. Check inside ears weekly for dirt and wax buildup. Gently clean with a cotton ball moistened with mineral oil if needed. Brush fur once a week using a soft brush to remove loose hair and distribute skin oils.

Feed your cat x bat a quality extruded commercial bat diet. They should also receive supplemented insects such as small crickets, worms, and moths. Use calcium and vitamin supplements twice a week. Provide fresh water in a suspended water bottle that is cleaned and refilled daily. An adult cat x bat will eat around 2 tablespoons of dry food and 10-15 supplemented insects daily. Offer treats like cherries, oranges, bananas and melons in moderation.


CAT X Baseball Bat: What to Know, 7 Options to Choose From


Cat x bats can be prone to certain health conditions. Some common issues include: joint pain (“Marucci CatX Connect Bat,” URL), care-related health issues like skin infections from being dirty (“Cat9 Vs Catx,” URL), and carpitis due to vigorous swings (“Custom Baseball Bat Decal Set,” URL). Their overall health and lifespan will depend on factors like nutrition, exercise, access to veterinary care, and avoiding injuries. With proper care, cat x bats can live 10-12 years on average.

It’s important to keep cat x bats active and fit with regular playtime, but not to overwork their joints at a young age. Providing a nutritious diet, grooming, supplements, and routine vet checks can help minimize health issues. Signs of joint pain like limping should be evaluated promptly. Safety precautions during play can prevent injuries that compromise longevity. With attentive care and preventative healthcare, cat x bats can thrive well into their senior years.


Cat X bats require dedicated training and socialization from a young age to thrive as pets. Here are some tips:

training a cat x bat

  • Start handling and playing with kittens daily from 6-8 weeks old so they get used to human interaction.
  • Use treats and positive reinforcement to train basic commands like “sit,” “stay,” “come,” and leash walking.
  • Socialize kittens with other pets and people by arranging supervised play dates.
  • Provide appropriate scratching posts and vertical spaces to climb to train appropriate scratching behavior.
  • Use pheromone diffusers and calming treats to reduce any stress during training.
  • Be patient and consistent with training. Set your Cat X bat up for success.
  • Make sure your Cat X bat is well exercised daily with interactive play.
  • Consider clicker training for more advanced commands like fetch or agility.

Investing time in proper training and socialization ensures your Cat X bat grows into a friendly, well-adjusted companion.

Pros of Owning a Cat X Bat

The Marucci CAT X baseball bat has become extremely popular in recent years for several key reasons. According to Baseball Mode, the CAT X bats have a “stiff one-piece alloy or composite design” that provides great performance. The CAT X bats are known to have a large sweet spot and excellent pop, making it easier for players to drive the ball with power.

One of the biggest pros of the CAT X bat is the Anti-Vibration Knob technology that reduces negative feedback and sting in the hands upon impact with the ball. As MLB Daily Dingers discusses, this helps improve the overall feel and comfort when swinging the CAT X bat. The outer-locking X system also further reduces vibration and allows for a smooth, balanced swing.

The CAT X bats are highly durable and designed to withstand wear and tear over many seasons of use. The one-piece alloy and composite models maintain their pop and performance over a long lifespan. As Pro Rollers notes, proper break-in procedures like heat rolling can further enhance the bat’s pop and sweet spot.

With excellent reviews from players of all levels, the Marucci CAT X is considered one of the top bats in the game today. Its innovative technologies provide great power and comfort, making it a rewarding bat to wield season after season.

Cons of Owning

While cat x bats offer great performance and feel, they do come with some potential downsides to be aware of. According to Baseball Mode, one of the biggest cons is the high price point, which can be a barrier for parents shopping on a budget. The premium materials and construction that deliver the excellent performance don’t come cheap.

Additionally, some players feel the bat requires a break-in period before reaching peak performance, according to Honest Baseball. The bat may not feel perfect right out of the wrapper, so players should be prepared to take some swings to break it in before games. This isn’t necessarily a negative, but it requires patience.

Finally, the bat’s balanced swing weight may not be ideal for all hitters. As MLB Daily Dingers discusses, some power hitters may prefer an end-loaded model instead. The CAT X aims for a universal feel, but personal preference will vary.

Ideal Home

The perfect environment for a Cat X bat depends on how the owner plans to use it. For casual backyard batting practice, a Cat X bat can perform well in most settings. However, to get the most out of a Cat X bat, owners should aim to simulate game-like conditions.

For optimal performance, a Cat X bat requires a location with ample space to take full swings. An open grassy area or baseball field allows players to get full extension on their swing plane without worrying about obstacles. The ground should be relatively flat and free of divots or holes that could twist ankles or disrupt balance.

For hitting practice, a batting cage or backstop is ideal to contain balls and allow focused repetition. The cage should be well-lit if used at night. For fielding practice, open space is needed to run down batted balls.

Climate is another consideration. Hot, humid environments can make grips slippery, while cold weather can reduce bat trampoline and make hands sting. Cool, dry conditions are optimal. Indoor batting cages with climate control allow year-round use.

Proper storage is also key. Leaving a Cat X bat in extreme hot or cold conditions, especially inside a car, can damage the composite material and reduce performance. When not in use, store the bat at room temperature away from direct sunlight.

With ample space, proper storage, and ideal climate control, a Cat X bat will deliver maximum pop, balance, and feel to complement the hitter’s natural ability.


person swinging a cat x bat

In conclusion, cat x bats can make great pets for the right owners. Their unique appearance and playful temperament is appealing to many. However, they do require a significant amount of care, training, and proper handling to thrive. Cat x bats need a large habitat with ample climbing and hiding spaces. They are nocturnal and very energetic, so they demand a lot of attention and interaction, especially at night. While cat x bats can form bonds with their owners, they may be better suited for experienced exotic pet owners rather than first-time owners. Their specialized care requirements also mean they can be an expensive pet to own and care for properly. Overall, cat x bats can make for delightful, interactive pets for owners who are prepared to provide the proper habitat, diet, handling techniques and ample attention they need.

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