Do Cat & Jack Shoes Run Big? Answering Parents’ Sizing Questions

cat & jack shoes fit true to size for most kids' feet according to parents' reviews.

Cat & Jack is a relatively new footwear brand exclusively available at Target stores. It launched in July 2016 as a rebranding of Target’s previous children’s apparel line. The new Cat & Jack line encompasses clothes, shoes, and accessories for babies, toddlers, kids, and tweens.

The brand was developed based on guest insights and extensive product testing. Cat & Jack aims to offer stylish, high-quality, affordable children’s apparel and footwear. As a Target-owned brand, Cat & Jack shoes can only be purchased at Target stores or on the Target website.

Sizing Information

Cat & Jack shoes and clothing generally follow standard sizing charts, with sizes available for babies, toddlers, kids and teens (Cat And Jack Size Chart Girl). Their sizing charts provide detailed measurements for each size range across various styles and types of clothing items and shoes. For example, a size 5 toddler shoe is equivalent to about 8.5 inches in length, while a size 10 kids shoe measures around 10 inches.

The Cat and Jack Size Chart Boys Photos shows that their boys clothing tends to run true to size based on age. A size 5T shirt generally fits boys 3-4 years old, while size M pants are made for boys 5-6 years old. There are expanded size options in older kids sizes.

For girls, the sizing runs similarly true to age. Dress sizes start at 2T for toddlers 1-2 years old up to 14/16 for older kids. The size charts provide garment measurements for length and width to help find the ideal fit.

Understanding the measurements for each size range can make it easier to select the right Cat & Jack shoes and clothing items for your child’s age and proportions.

Comparison to Other Brands

Cat & Jack shoes tend to run slightly larger when compared to other popular kids shoe brands like Nike, Adidas, and New Balance. Many parents report sizing down by about a half or whole size in Cat & Jack shoes to get the proper fit.

Specifically, Cat & Jack shoes run nearly a full size larger than Nike and New Balance kids shoes, according to customer reviews. So if your child is a size 5 in Nike, getting a size 4.5 in Cat & Jack would be comparable. Adidas shoes seem to run about a half size smaller than Cat & Jack.

Old Navy is the brand that seems most similar in sizing to Cat & Jack shoes based on customer feedback. The sizes are very close between the two brands. However, some parents still recommend sizing down in Cat & Jack because they find the shoes to fit more generously overall.

The roomier fit of Cat & Jack shoes is something to keep in mind when shoe shopping and comparing sizes across brands. Going down a half or full size from your child’s normal shoe size may help achieve the proper fit for Cat & Jack shoes specifically.

Factors that Affect Fit

factors like width, arch height and materials impact how cat & jack shoes fit.

There are several key factors that determine if Cat & Jack shoes will fit big or small on a child’s feet:


The width of a shoe is crucial for getting the right fit. Cat & Jack shoes come in standard (medium), wide, and extra wide options to accommodate different foot shapes. If your child has wider feet, sizing up or choosing a wide width can prevent pinching and discomfort. According to shoe experts, shoes that are too narrow put pressure on feet and can cause issues like blisters, calluses, and bunions down the road.

Arch Type

The height of a child’s arch also impacts shoe fit. Cat & Jack offers some styles with removable insoles so you can insert custom orthotics if needed. Shoes with good arch support will help stabilize kids’ feet and prevent rolled ankles or other injuries. Ill-fitting arches can make shoes feel too tight or loose.


The materials used in kids’ shoes affect the fit as well. Leather shoes tend to stretch and mold to feet over time. Synthetic shoes generally do not stretch much. Knowing the properties of materials helps determine proper sizing. Some parents recommend ordering Cat & Jack shoes a half-size up if made of non-stretchy material.

Reviews from Parents

customer reviews indicate cat & jack shoes run true to size overall across toddler and kids' sizes.

Many parents have shared feedback on the sizing of Cat & Jack shoes based on their experiences buying them for their children. Overall, reviews indicate that Cat & Jack shoes tend to run true to size, though some variance exists between specific styles.

For toddler sizes, many parents report the shoes fit as expected based on their child’s normal shoe size. As one parent shared on the BabyCenter community forums, “In my experience their clothing tends to run true to size (maybe a tad bit small) and their shoes run very small” (Source).

Reviews of the popular Toddler Nevada Sneakers style indicate they “run true to size” according to Target’s website. Other parents commenting on sizing say things like “Love the Velcro sneakers. I buy them in each size in a few designs as my child needs them. They wash well too.”

While most reviews are positive, some parents do report issues with certain styles running small, especially for wide-foot kids. Trying shoes on in stores first is recommended whenever possible.

Tips for Finding the Right Fit

When it comes to finding the right fit for kids’ shoes, especially Cat & Jack shoes, there are a few tips that parents swear by:

Trying shoes on in the store is always recommended if possible. Kids’ feet can grow rapidly, and trying on in-person allows you to ensure proper length and width sizing for the best fit (Kids Shoe Sizes – Charts & How to Fit). Have your child walk around the store with both shoes on to get a feel for how they fit on their feet.

Measuring your child’s feet at home periodically is also advised, as you can compare their current size to the sizing charts provided by retailers like Target. Use a soft measuring tape to get the most accurate length and width measurements (Kids’ Shoe Fit Guide).

Many parents recommend ordering shoes 1/2 size up, especially for growing toddler feet. This allows some extra room for growth so you can get more wear time out of a pair before needing to size up again (7 Kids Shoe Fitting Hacks). The fit should be snug, but not too tight.

Recommendations by Age

Recommendations for shoe sizes vary slightly depending on the age and development stage of the child. According to Kids Shoe Sizes – Charts & How to Fit, toddlers and preschoolers go through shoes quickly as their feet grow rapidly in the early years. It’s recommended to size up about a half or full size at this stage to allow room for growth.

For toddlers, the key factors are allowing room for growth while still providing stability as they learn to walk and run. According to shoe experts, toddler shoes should have some wiggle room in the toe area, but still fit snugly around the heel and instep to prevent sliding inside the shoe.

Once kids reach elementary school ages, their feet grow more steadily. Kids Shoe Size Chart & Measuring Tips recommends ordering true to size for most school-age kids. However, it’s still important to measure feet every few months to check for growth spurts. If the toes are cramped or reach the very end of the shoe, it’s time to size up.

No matter the age, ensure a proper fit all around the foot for stability, comfort and healthy development. Allow a little growing room while still fitting snug in the heel.

Care and Wear Considerations

allow growing room while ensuring a snug heel fit for proper development when sizing cat & jack shoes.

Properly caring for and breaking in new shoes is important for children’s growing feet. New shoes should be worn gradually at first to allow feet to adjust and avoid blisters. Only wear for 1-2 hours the first 1-2 days. According to Better Health Victoria, shoes that are too stiff can cause problems, so look for flexible materials that allow natural foot movement.

It’s essential to monitor your child’s foot growth and measure their feet every 2-3 months. Feet grow rapidly in childhood, sometimes a whole shoe size in just a couple months. According to podiatrists, shoes that are too small can impair development and cause pain or injuries. Allow adequate room for growth when selecting shoe size.

Exchanging or Returning

If you order Cat & Jack shoes online and they don’t fit your child properly when you receive them, Target offers a generous return and exchange policy. According to GoBankingRates, you have up to one year – 365 days – to return Cat & Jack items purchased online or in-store with the original receipt for an exchange or refund. This policy applies whether the shoes are too big, too small, or just not the right fit for your child.

To exchange Cat & Jack shoes purchased online for a different size, you can return them by mail or at any Target store. Print out a return shipping label if mailing them back and drop the package at any carrier location like UPS. Or, bring the shoes and receipt to your local Target store for an even exchange. If you don’t have the receipt, Target will generally allow an even exchange as long as you have your original packing list or order confirmation. According to SheKnows, Target may be able to look up your purchase with the credit or debit card used.

Getting the right fit is crucial with kids’ shoes to support healthy development. Target’s generous Cat & Jack return policy makes it easy to exchange shoes until you find the perfect size for your child’s growing feet.


When it comes to finding the right shoe size for your child in Cat & Jack shoes, keep these key points in mind:

  • Cat & Jack shoes tend to run true to size overall, but can vary a bit depending on the style.
  • It’s a good idea to have your child’s feet measured regularly as they grow. Don’t rely on old sizes.
  • Always compare the size chart for the specific shoe style against your child’s measurements.
  • Consider trying both the suggested size and a half-size up or down if your child is between sizes.
  • Let your child walk around the store with the shoes on to assess comfort and fit.

Finding the perfect pair of shoes can take some trial and error. Focus on your child’s individual fit rather than the size alone. If the shoes are snug but not tight, with just enough room to grow, you’ve likely found the right Cat & Jack size for happy feet.

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