The Cat and Robbie Romance – Will They or Won’t They?

Introducing Cat and Robbie

introducing cat and robbie characters

Cat Valentine and Robbie Shapiro are two of the main characters on the Nickelodeon TV show Victorious. Cat, played by Ariana Grande, is known for her bubbly personality and random, childlike behavior. Robbie, played by Matt Bennett, is more awkward and insecure but has a huge crush on Cat.

Fans often “ship” Cat and Robbie together, meaning they want the two characters to end up in a romantic relationship. Their opposite personalities seem to complement each other well. Many fans see hints of a connection between the two characters throughout the show. However, Cat and Robbie never officially become a couple during the series run from 2010-2013 before it was cancelled.

Their Friendship

From the beginning of the show Victorious, Cat Valentine and Robbie Shapiro are portrayed as close friends who care about each other. Though their personalities are very different, with Cat being bubbly and innocent while Robbie is nerdy and insecure, they find common ground through their shared weirdness and quirks.

In the first season, Cat is often the only one who laughs at Robbie’s jokes and pays attention to him. She tries to include him and make him feel liked. For example, in the episode “Survival of the Hottest” when the group is stuck in Beck’s RV on a hot day, Cat entertains herself by putting ice cubes down Robbie’s pants which makes him laugh. She shows she wants him to have fun too.

Their bond strengthens over the course of the show as they rely on each other during tough times. In the episode “Robarazzi,” Robbie turns to Cat for advice and comfort when he gets bullied. And when Cat is stressed about memorizing a long monologue in “Sleepover at Sikowitz’s,” Robbie helps by quizzing her repeatedly. These moments showcase their support for one another.

Though Cat often gets annoyed when Robbie brings along his puppet Rex, she still defends Robbie when Rex insults him. Their close friendship is evident through these and many other examples of being there for each other.

Hints of a Romantic Connection

hints of a romance between them

Though Cat and Robbie were never officially a couple on the show, there were subtle hints throughout the series suggesting a potential romantic connection between them. In the season 1 episode “Stage Fighting,” Cat gets jealous when Robbie has to stage kiss another girl for a play. She admits “I thought I’d be the only girl you ever kissed” (Source).

There are also flirty moments between the two characters, like when Cat playfully flirts with Robbie in the season 3 episode “The Gorilla Club.” She touches his hair and face in a flirty manner while talking in a cutesy voice (Source). These instances suggest Cat may see Robbie as more than just a friend.

Their Different Personalities

Cat and Robbie have very contrasting personalities on the show Victorious. As described on the Victorious Wiki – Cabbie page, Cat is bubbly, energetic, childlike, and innocent whereas Robbie is awkward, nerdy, and insecure. Fans speculate that their opposite traits actually complement each other well. Cat’s playfulness could help bring Robbie out of his shell, while Robbie’s grounded nature could provide stability for the whimsical Cat.

Their opposing personalities create an almost yin-yang dynamic. Some viewers feel that the gentle, sincere Robbie makes a fitting partner for the sensitive but scatterbrained Cat. His logic balances out her irrationality. As one Reddit user commented, “Opposites attract and they really balance each other out” (Source). While their differences create some conflict, their hearts seem compatible.

Fan Speculation About Their Potential Relationship

Many fans of Victorious speculate about the possibility of Cat and Robbie dating, even though their relationship was never officially romantic on the show. On Reddit threads like this one, fans have come up with theories for why Cat and Robbie would make a good couple. Some point to hints on the show, like when Robbie said in a song that Cat is bipolar, matching her erratic behavior. Others read into the opposites attract angle, with outgoing Cat contrasting shy Robbie.

There is a lot of fan art and fan fiction exploring Cat and Robbie as a romantic pairing. Fans love to imagine what their dates would be like, with Robbie trying to impress the spontaneous Cat. Fan fiction writers have crafted many “what if” scenarios about the two finally revealing their feelings for each other. While never official, the imagination of fans has kept the idea of “Cabbie” alive.

Lack of Any Official Romance

no official relationship happened

Despite hints of a romantic connection, Cat and Robbie never officially dated during the run of Victorious. The show’s creators chose to keep them platonic friends rather than forming them into an on-screen couple. Fans hoping for a “Cabbie” romance were ultimately left disappointed, as the series came to an end in 2013 without Cat and Robbie ever confirming a relationship.

As the Victorious Wiki notes, actress Ariana Grande had tweeted that Cat and Robbie would become a couple in a future episode. However, this never came to fruition before the show’s cancellation. So while the characters had their moments of flirtation and jealousy, suggesting possible mutual crushes, the writers never took the step of making “Cabbie” officially canon.

After the Show

After Victorious ended in 2013, there was a spin-off called Sam & Cat starring Ariana Grande as Cat. The show aired for one season in 2013-2014 and featured appearances from other Victorious characters, but Robbie was not included. So there was no continuation of a potential Cat and Robbie romance story after the original Victorious series ended.

Fans were disappointed that the potential relationship between Cat and Robbie was never fully explored, neither during Victorious nor in the spin-off Sam & Cat, as many were hoping to see the characters end up together. But the actors and showrunners never confirmed an official relationship status for Cat and Robbie after the original series ended in 2013.[1]

Actor Speculation

Ariana Grande and Matt Bennett have occasionally commented on the idea of Cat and Robbie dating. In 2018, Grande said she always thought Cat and Robbie would end up together. However, Bennett had a different perspective, saying in a 2021 interview that he didn’t think the characters were romantically compatible.

Some fans have wondered if Grande and Bennett ever wanted their characters to date in the show. Grande has hinted that she thought it would be cute, but it’s unclear if she ever pushed for it behind the scenes. Bennett seems ambivalent about the idea, praising Robbie and Cat’s friendship but questioning whether they would work as a couple.

Overall, it seems the actors are fond of their characters’ close friendship, but they have different views on whether Cat and Robbie should have dated on the show.

Why Fans Love the Idea

why fans want them together

Many Victorious fans are drawn to the idea of Cat and Robbie as a romantic pairing. Fans see the two as kindred spirits who can understand and support one another despite their very different personalities. Robbie’s awkwardness and Cat’s ditzy sweetness seem like opposites that could attract and balance each other out in a relationship.

Some fans relate to the idea of an outgoing girl falling for a shy, nerdy guy, finding value in his unique quirks when others overlook him. Many find Robbie and Cat’s dynamic heartwarming, and feel they deserve affection and happiness. The possibility of them coming together despite social barriers resonates with viewers who have faced similar obstacles.

Additionally, the two have been shown at times to understand each other on a deeper level, looking past surface personalities. Fans pick up on these emotional subtleties as signs Robbie and Cat could truly support each other as a nurturing and accepting couple.

Though never officially explored in the show, the pairing’s potential speaks to fans who want to see both find the reciprocated romance they desire. Fans root for them to overcome obstacles and social norms to be together.


In summary, while Cat and Robbie’s relationship status was never officially confirmed as romantic on the show Victorious, the idea of them as a potential couple remains a fan-favorite. Throughout the show’s run, there were hints and speculation about whether the two quirky characters might end up together based on their close friendship and a few potential romantic moments. However, the show’s writers never committed to an official boyfriend/girlfriend storyline between Cat and Robbie. Even after the show ended, while actors Ariana Grande and Matt Bennett have sometimes fueled the flames of the “Cabbie” fandom, they’ve also maintained the characters were always just good friends.

Still, many fans continue to wish Cat and Robbie had become a couple and enjoy imagining what that relationship could have looked like. The opposites-attract odd couple pairing of the bubbly, childlike Cat and the nerdy, insecure Robbie seemed to have potential for humorous storylines or juicy drama. While it remains an unconfirmed fan fantasy, the idea of a real Cat and Robbie romance will likely live on for years to come among the most passionate Victorious fans.

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