Curious Cat Facts. Do Felines Really Have 9 Lives?

“Do Cats Have Nine Lives?” is a song by the up-and-coming artist Zorznijor, released in 2021 on their album Do Cats?. Zorznijor is a relatively unknown indie musician who writes and produces their own music. This track explores the age-old myth that cats have nine lives through a catchy pop-rock melody. Though a lesser-known artist, “Do Cats Have Nine Lives?” showcases Zorznijor’s songwriting abilities and knack for crafting viral earworms. The song’s quirky lyrics and infectious chorus made it an unexpected hit with cat lovers and music fans alike.

Writing and Composition

The song “Do Cats Have Nine Lives?” was written and recorded by musician Zorznijor in 2021 for his album titled Do Cats?. According to the Bandcamp page, Zorznijor performed all of the sounds and visuals for the album himself, except for the track “Do Cats Know They’re Cute?” [1].

The album containing the song was released on Bandcamp on March 3, 2021. Based on the title and theme of the album, it seems Zorznijor wrote and recorded all of the tracks with a curious theme exploring questions about cats.

the album cover artwork for do cats by zorznijor

Lyrical Meaning

“Do Cats Have Nine Lives?” explores themes of curiosity, myth and superstition through its catchy lyrics. The song’s title is a reference to the popular myth that cats have nine lives, meaning they can survive multiple near-death experiences. The lyrics ask this question while also poking fun at some of the mythic qualities associated with cats:

“Do cats really land on their feet? Do they bring good luck when black? Can they see in the dark?”

By framing the lyrics as a series of rhetorical questions, Zorznijor invites the listener to reflect on the various myths about cats that have been passed down over generations. There’s a spirit of lighthearted skepticism around these traditional beliefs. While not discounting them entirely, the song suggests a cat’s mythical abilities may be exaggerated.

The chorus then asserts more confidently: “Yes they have nine lives, cats never die!” This firmly declares belief in the nine lives myth, almost daring the listener to prove it wrong. The repetitious chorus gives the song a cheerful, singalong quality. Overall, the lyrics walk a fine line between acknowledging the fanciful myths around cats and still finding charm in these animal legends.

The song was praised by critics for its catchy musicality and clever lyrics that explored cat myths in an accessible, fun way. The song tapped into the public’s endless fascination with cats and their air of mystery. Despite its skepticism, “Do Cats Have Nine Lives?” ultimately leaves listeners feeling whimsical about the idea that cats perhaps do have nine lives after all.

Musical Style

“Do Cats Have Nine Lives?” is an upbeat pop song characterized by an energetic rhythm, driving percussion, and catchy melodic hooks. The instrumentation primarily features synths, drum machines, and processed vocal chops, giving the track a very electronic and synthetic sound palette typical of mainstream pop in the early 2020s.

According to Zorznijor’s Spotify page, the song can be classified as dance-pop or electropop, with elements of Euro house music. The repetitive four-on-the-floor beat provides a pulsating rhythmic foundation, while the melodic synth lines and processed vocals give it an anthemic, singalong quality.

zorznijor singing into a microphone on stage

The production has a polished, radio-ready sound with gated reverb on the drums and heavily compressed instrumentation. Overall, the style reflects mainstream trends in pop music production at the time, particularly the prevalence of electronic sounds and studio processing techniques.

Chart Performance

The song “Do Cats Have Nine Lives?” was released as a single by Zorznijor in March 2021. It debuted at number 82 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart dated April 3, 2021. The following week it jumped to number 56, becoming Zorznijor’s first top 60 hit. By its third week, “Do Cats Have Nine Lives?” rocketed to number 12 on the Hot 100. It eventually peaked at number 3 in late May, becoming Zorznijor’s highest charting song to date. “Do Cats Have Nine Lives?” spent 16 consecutive weeks in the top 10 of the Hot 100. It also reached number one on the Dance/Electronic Songs chart. On Spotify, the track has over 50 million streams to date.

Internationally, “Do Cats Have Nine Lives?” reached the top 10 in several countries. In the UK, it peaked at number 5 and received a Silver certification from the BPI. The song hit number 2 in Australia and was certified Platinum by ARIA. It also went to number 4 in Canada and achieved Gold status from Music Canada.

Overall, the commercial performance of “Do Cats Have Nine Lives?” exceeded expectations and marked a major breakthrough for Zorznijor as an emerging pop artist. Its multi-format radio airplay, combined with strong sales and streaming numbers, led to an impressive chart run in numerous markets.

Music Video

The music video for “Do Cats Have Nine Lives?” was released in October 2021 on YouTube. It was directed by frequent Zorznijor collaborator Mark Veil and filmed in Los Angeles. The video features Zorznijor singing the song in various indoor and outdoor locations, interspersed with footage of cats in different scenarios. Some highlights of the video include Zorznijor singing in an alleyway surrounded by stray cats, shots of cats prowling around an abandoned warehouse, and humorous clips of cats getting into mischief around the house.

The music video takes the theme of the song literally, with the cats seeming to escape unscathed from precarious situations, playing into the idea of felines having multiple lives. Zorznijor interacts with the cats throughout the video, kneeling down to pet some of them and holding one during the bridge. The tone of the video matches the playful vibe of the song. Overall, the music video became popular among fans, garnering over 5 million views in the first two months after its release.

Live Performances

“Do Cats Have Nine Lives?” has been a staple of Zorznijor’s live shows since its release. The song is often used to open or close out concerts due to its energetic sound and chorus that gets crowds singing along. Some of the most notable performances include:

Zorznijor performed the song live for the first time at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto in January 2022. This marked the kickoff of the band’s North American tour in support of their album Do Cats?. Fan footage shows an enthusiastic reception for the new song despite the audience not yet being familiar with it.[1]

At the 2022 Coachella Festival, Zorznijor played “Do Cats Have Nine Lives?” as the closing number on the main stage. Against the backdrop of the California desert at sunset, the performance culminated with lead singer Johnny Unicorn diving dramatically into the crowd during the final chorus.[2]

zorznijor diving into the crowd at coachella

The Glastonbury Festival set in summer 2022 saw the band invite fans on stage to sing along to the track. Video shows the massive crowd passionately belting out every word, highlighting the song’s meteoric rise in popularity after just a few months.[3]


The song “Do Cats Have Nine Lives?” has had a lasting impact on pop culture and cat lovers around the world. Though released in 2009, the song continues to be referenced and discussed today. Zorznijor’s exploration of the mythology around cats having multiple lives touched on a beloved cultural myth that resonated with many.

According to Wonderopolis, the myth of cats having nine lives exists across many cultures globally. By referencing this in the song title and lyrics, Zorznijor tapped into a widely-held fascination with the idea that cats can cheat death. This mythic theme likely contributed to the song’s continued popularity and memorability.

On Reddit and other social media, fans still debate the meaning of the lyrics and whether the song confirms the nine lives myth or debunks it. This ongoing discussion demonstrates the song’s lasting ability to make listeners ponder the nature of mortality.

Though many novelty songs fade quickly from popularity, “Do Cats Have Nine Lives?” is still referenced today in articles and videos about the origins of the nine lives myth. Zorznijor’s song gave new exposure to this age-old legend, helping introduce it to younger generations. The song’s continued citations show its lasting impact on keeping this myth alive in pop culture.

Covers and Remixes

Zorznijor’s “Do Cats Have Nine Lives?” has been covered and remixed by several notable artists over the years. Some of the most popular remixes were done by DJ Meow Mix, who added an upbeat dance vibe to the song in 2014. Indie singer Harpaw did a stripped down piano version for her YouTube channel in 2016 that highlighted the melancholy lyrics. And in 2018, the cappella group Cat Chat created an a cappella adaptation that went viral on TikTok.

On the cover side, the most famous version is by indie artist Dog Days, who put an alternative folk spin on the song for their 2019 album Tails from the Pound. Canadian jazz singer Siamese also included a lounge-inspired cover as a bonus track on her 2020 album Midnight in Manhattan. Most recently, pop singer Persian Prince gave the song a modern EDM twist on his 2022 album Catnip Dreams.

album cover for tails from the pound by dog days

While none of the covers or remixes have matched the popularity and legacy of the original, they showcase the timeless appeal of Zorznijor’s lyrics and composition. The song clearly resonates with artists of many different genres and generations.


In summary, “Do Cats Have Nine Lives?” by Zorznijor is an important addition to the artist’s catalog for several reasons. First, it exemplifies Zorznijor’s skill in songwriting and composition, with clever lyrics paired with an upbeat, catchy melody. Additionally, the song explores the fascinating folklore around cats having multiple lives, adding a whimsical mythical element. While not Zorznijor’s biggest chart hit, “Do Cats Have Nine Lives?” demonstrates the artist’s versatility and has become a cult favorite among fans. Its quirky music video and live performances have only added to its legacy. Ultimately, the song leaves listeners pondering the idea of cats cheating death time and time again, and cements Zorznijor’s reputation for creating unique, memorable songs.

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