Do I Have the Mysterious Gaze of a Cat or the Alluring Eyes of a Fox?

Defining Cat Eyes

Cat eyes refer to an upturned almond-shape with an elongated style. The outer corners turn up slightly, giving the eyes a lifted look. Cat eyes are often associated with elegance, femininity, and sultriness.

Some key characteristics of cat eyes include:

  • Almond shape that is elongated and slightly turned up at the outer corners
  • Gives the appearance of an elegant, feminine, and sultry look
  • Often described as feline, with a shape similar to a cat’s eyes
  • An upward, lifted appearance from the upturned outer corners
  • Narrower and more angular than round, doe-shaped eyes

Makeup techniques like winged eyeliner can enhance the appearance of cat eyes. Models and celebrities like Bella Hadid, Sophia Loren, and Angelina Jolie are known for their signature cat eyes.

Defining Fox Eyes

Fox eyes are typically almond-shaped and slightly upturned at the outer corners, giving them a resemblance to cat or feline eyes. However, fox eyes have some key differences from cat eyes:

  • Fox eyes tend to have more horizontal or straight outer corners, while cat eyes slant upwards more sharply.
  • The tails of fox eyes droop down slightly at the outer edges, creating a doe-eyed appearance.
  • Fox eyes are associated with an innocent and youthful look.

Overall, fox eyes have an almond shape with slightly droopy outer corners, exuding a gentle, doe-eyed appearance that conveys innocence and youthfulness.

Eye Shape Differences

The main difference between cat eyes and fox eyes is their shape.

Cat eyes have a more upward slant on the outer corners, while fox eyes have a more rounded lower lash line and droopier outer corners.

As ClinicExpert explains, “Cat eyes have an almond shape with a strong upward slant at the outer corner of the eyes. Fox eyes appear more elongated and the outer corners slant downward.”

Quora users also note that fox eyes appear more “almond-shaped” and elongated compared to the upward feline slant of cat eyes.

Determining Your Eye Shape

Determining whether you have cat eyes or fox eyes is easiest when looking directly at your bare eyes in a mirror. Observe the angle and shape of both your upper and lower lash lines. Cat eyes often have a subtle downturn at the outer corners, while fox eyes lift up. Also examine the outer corners of your eyes. Cat eyes tend to be more rounded on the edges, while fox eyes appear more angled and elongated.

Comparing your eyes to example photos of cat and fox eye shapes can help you decide. Cat eyes like those of actress Sophia Loren give a doe-eyed appearance. Fox eyes such as model Kendall Jenner’s have a lifted, “pulled up” look. Determine which example your natural eye shape most closely resembles.

See this source for more details on eye shapes:

Makeup for Cat Eyes

Cat eyes are characterized by an elongated, almond shape. When doing makeup for cat eyes, the goal is to enhance the eyes’ natural shape with techniques like winged eyeliner and highlights:

  • Winged liner is essential for elongating cat eyes. As recommended by makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift, “Start from the outside, drawing at a downward angle toward the eye’s outer corner. Apply the liner inwards, extending just beyond the natural lash line.” This creates a subtle wing that makes the eyes appear more tapered and lifted (
  • Using a darker eyeliner or eyeshadow on just the upper lashline adds definition and emphasizes the cat eye shape. Keep the lower lashline clean for maximum lift.
  • Highlighting the inner corners of the eyes helps draw attention to their natural upward slant. Use a light shimmery eyeshadow or highlighter in this area.

With the right techniques, cat eyes can be accentuated and made more striking with makeup.

Makeup For Fox Eyes

When doing fox eye makeup, it’s important to avoid heavy upper and lower liner, which can make eyes appear smaller and droopier. Instead, use a very thin line or skip liner on the lower lashline completely. Lighten the inner corners of eyes with a shimmery champagne or pearly white shadow to help open up the eyes.

To lift the outer corners of fox eyes, extend your eyeliner slightly past the outer corners, flicking upwards. Use an angled brush to apply darker shadow to the outer third of lids. Blend it into the crease while sweeping upwards and outwards. This helps create a subtle cat eye effect. Apply lots of mascara, concentrating the most product on the outer lashes to accentuate an uplifted shape.

Brow makeup is key for fox eyes as well. Use brow pencil and powder to define the tails of brows, extending the shape slightly. Brush brows upwards and outwards. Well-defined brows that lift at the outer corners help create a fox eye look.

Celebrities with Cat Eyes

Cat eyes have long been a coveted and iconic eye shape, made famous by Old Hollywood sirens and still sought after today. Some celebrities known for their feline eyes include:

Bella Hadid – The model’s striking eyes are narrow and slightly upturned with a subtle cat eye flare. Her eyes exemplify the mysterious, sultry quality associated with cat eyes.[1]

Angelina Jolie – With her emerald green almond-shaped eyes, Angelina Jolie has some of the most famous cat-like eyes in Hollywood. Her sultry stare channels a feline elegance.[2]

Blake Lively – Blake Lively’s blue eyes have an almond shape with a subtle upward lift at the outer corners, creating a subtle cat eye look. She often plays up her eye shape with cat-inspired makeup.

Monica Bellucci – The Italian actress is known for her exotic, cat-like eyes which are downturned yet still retain an almond shape. Her eyes convey a sense of mystery and sensuality.

Celebrities with Fox Eyes

Some celebrities are known for having naturally fox-like eyes, while others have admitted to getting cosmetic procedures to achieve the coveted fox eye look. Three celebrities often noted for their fox eyes are Kendall Jenner, Amanda Seyfried, and Lucy Liu.

Reality star and model Kendall Jenner is frequently cited as having a natural fox eye shape. Her eyes have an noticeable almond shape with a slight upward lift at the outer corners 1. Jenner’s eyes are considered a prime example of the fox eye aesthetic many try to achieve through makeup and cosmetic procedures.

Actress Amanda Seyfried’s eyes also naturally have an elongated, fox-like appearance. Her eyes slope subtly upwards at the outer edges, which creates a sultry, cat-eyed look. Seyfried’s eye shape is envied by many in Hollywood 2.

Lucy Liu has long been admired for her exotic, foxy eyes. The almond shape and subtly lifted outer corners give Liu striking, sensual eyes that exemplify the fox eye look. Her eye shape is one of her most distinctive features.

History of Cat Eye Trend

The cat eye makeup look originated in ancient Egypt where it was a symbol of nobility and represented the eye of the Egyptian sun god Ra. Egyptian women would line their eyes with kohl to elongate their almond-shaped eyes, creating an angular winged effect. This early version of the cat eye was believed to ward off evil spirits and protect one’s vision.

The cat eye saw a major resurgence in the 1950s thanks to Hollywood sirens like Audrey Hepburn. Thick, winged liner with a defined arch became a signature look of 1950s pin-up models and movie stars. The sharp, winged shape accentuated eyes and added drama and mystique to one’s gaze.

Recently, the cat eye has seen another revival with the emergence of the fox eye trend on social media. Influencers use makeup to lift the outer corners of their eyes for a sultry, feline look. While controversial, the fox eye catapulted eyeliner flicks back into popularity.


Cat eyes and fox eyes are two distinct eye shapes that each have their own unique characteristics. Cat eyes are more almond-shaped with an uplift at the outer corners, while fox eyes are more rounded with a downturned outer edge.

To determine your eye shape, look closely at your bare eyes in a mirror. Focus on the outer corners and edges – if they tilt up, you likely have cat eyes. If they tilt down, you probably have fox eyes. Your eye shape can also be revealed by the wing shape when wearing eyeliner. Cat eyes suit a wing that lifts up, while fox eyes look better with a wing that angles down.

For cat eyes, aim for makeup that accentuates the lifted outer corners. Try a classic cat eye flick eyeliner look. Use light shimmery eyeshadow on the inner corners to open up the eyes. For fox eyes, apply darker shadow or liner to the outer corners to create a downturned shape. Softer brown and bronze tones will complement the rounded fox eye shape. Both eye shapes can make bold eyeliner statements.

Embrace your natural eye shape and enhance it with flattering makeup tricks and colors. Experiment to find your best eye makeup looks that bring out your unique beauty.

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