The Most Beautiful Cat Eyes You’ll Ever See


As cat lovers, we all know that felines are beautifully elegant creatures, from their slender bodies to their graceful movements. One of the most striking features of many cats are their captivating eyes. A cat’s eyes can come in a dazzling array of colors and shapes that add to their mystique and allure.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the cat breeds that are renowned for having the most stunning eyes. We’ll explore the various eye colors that cats can have, from brilliant copper to deep green. We’ll also highlight breeds that have distinctive eye shapes, like the wide-set eyes of the Ragdoll or the almond eyes of the Siamese.

By the end, you’ll have a better understanding of the diversity of feline eyes and what makes certain breeds stand out. While all cats are wonderful in their own way, some breeds certainly seem blessed with extraordinarily beautiful eyes that many find absolutely mesmerizing.

Eye Colors

Cats can have a variety of eye colors, but some are more common than others. The most prevalent eye colors in cats are:

Green– Green is one of the most common eye colors in cats. Jade green or emerald green eyes are seen in breeds like Russian Blues, Siamese, and British Shorthairs.

Yellow/Orange– Yellow or orange eyes are also very common, especially in tabby cat breeds. Eye color can range from rich copper to bright tangerine. A few breeds with yellow eyes are Turkish Angoras, American Bobtails, and American Curls.

Blue– Blue is a striking eye color seen in breeds like the Siamese, Ragdoll, and Russian Blue. Blue eyes range from a light sky blue to a deep sapphire.

Breeds with Striking Eyes

Certain cat breeds are known for having uniquely beautiful and striking eyes. Some of the breeds with the most stunning eyes include:

Savannah – One of the most exotic domestic cat breeds, the Savannah has large, almond-shaped eyes that can be green, brown, or a mix. Their eyes have a very distinct shape and striking color.

Savannah cats are known for their exotic, almond-shaped eyes. The contrast of their eyes against their spotted coats makes them truly striking.

Siamese – With their characteristic colorpoints and blue eyes, Siamese cats are instantly recognizable. Their bright blue eyes stand out dramatically against the darker points of their face, ears, legs and tail.

Ragdoll – Ragdolls have large, wide-set blue eyes that complement their pointed color patterns beautifully. The contrast makes their eyes appear even brighter and bluer.

Coat Colors and Eye Colors

Cat coat color and eye color are often strongly linked and genetically connected. The most common feline eye color is yellow or gold. These yellow/gold eyes typically go along with orange and black bicolor cats, as well as tabby cats who exhibit the classic “M” pattern on their foreheads. Yet eye color does not always align with coat color expectations. For example, white cats can have blue, gold, or odd-eyed irises.

According to Colorado Feline Foster and Rescue, eye colors come about through pigment cells called melanocytes. The melanocytes deposit melanin in the iris, resulting in shades of blue, green, yellow, gold, or copper (Source). Kittens are born with blue eyes that may stay blue or change over time. At around 6-8 weeks old, their permanent eye color starts to become visible.

Some of the most common coat and eye color pairings include:

  • Orange tabby cats – Green, gold or hazel eyes
  • Calico/tortoiseshell cats – Amber, gold or brown eyes
  • Black cats – Yellow, green or gold eyes
  • White cats – Blue, gold/yellow, green or odd-eyed
  • Siamese cats – Blue eyes

While genetics play a key role, environment, diet, and health can also influence a cat’s ultimate eye color.

Eye Shapes

A cat’s eye shape can reveal interesting facts about its breed characteristics. While all domestic cats share similar anatomy, certain breeds are known for their distinctive eye shapes.

Almond-shaped eyes are a hallmark of the Siamese and related breeds like the Oriental Shorthair. Their striking blue eyes tend to be described as slanted or almond-shaped. This shape is linked to slower pupil dilation response compared to other cats, giving the eyes a piercing quality.

Round or circular eyes are signature of the Persian breed. Along with their flat faces, the big, round eyes give Persians a sweet, childlike countenance. Other breeds like the Exotic Shorthair may also sport large, round peepers.

An oval eye shape with a rounded upper lid and more angular lower lid is seen in many breeds. Oval eyes are common in the American Shorthair, British Shorthair, Scottish Fold, and other moderate or semi-cobby built pedigrees. Their eyes impart a gentle, friendly look.

Breeds with Standout Eye Shapes

Some cat breeds are known for their unique and striking eye shapes that can make them appear especially beautiful. Three breeds in particular stand out for their large, round eyes: Persians, Exotics, and Scottish Folds.

Persian cats are famous for their big, round eyes. Their eyes are often compared to marbles or jewels for their stunning appearance. Persians have very large, round eyes that are widely spaced, and help give the face its sweet, gentle expression. Their eyes come in a variety of brilliant colors and only add to their allure.

Exotic Shorthairs, as the short-haired version of the Persian, also inherit those mesmerizing big round eyes. Their eyes are one of their most defining features. The eyes are open, round, and appear large in the relatively small head. Exotics have that same soft, open expression as Persians.

Scottish Folds frequently have large, round eyes that almost appear owl-like. Their eyes are often compared to marbles. The rare Scottish Fold Manx combines the rounded eyes of the Scottish Fold with the unique appearance of the Manx. This gives them a strikingly unique look. Overall, Scottish Folds are easily recognized by their distinctive round eyes and folded ears.


Some of the most striking cat eye colors and shapes are found in specific fur patterns. Here are a few patterns that tend to produce gorgeous feline eyes:


Tabby cats have stripes of varying thickness running vertically down their coat. These striped patterns are one of the most common in domestic cats. Tabbies often have vivid eye colors that stand out beautifully against their striped fur. Their eyes can come in shades of copper, green, gold, and hazel (The Cat Site).


Calico cats have a tri-colored coat pattern of black, orange, and white. Their randomly splotched fur provides the perfect contrast to bring out their eye colors. Calicos frequently have striking green or gold eyes that pop against their patchwork coats.


Pointed pattern cats like Siamese have darker coloration concentrated around their face, paws, tail, and ears. This darker shading around their eyes helps accentuate their eye shape and vibrant blue hues. The light fur surrounding their face makes their eye colors stand out vividly (iHeartCats).

Best Lighting for Photos

Bright natural light is ideal for capturing stunning photos of your cat’s eyes. Position your cat near a large window on an overcast day or in open shade outside. The soft, diffused light will illuminate their eyes beautifully without harsh shadows or squinting.

Pay attention to catchlights – the small reflections of light in the eyes. They bring out eye color and make eyes appear bright and alive. Try different angles until you see a catchlight, then take the shot. For close-ups, use a macro lens which can focus tightly on details like eyes.

Avoid using a flash which creates unwanted reflections in the eyes and ruins natural coloring. Instead, adjust your camera settings or lighting as needed to properly expose the image.

Caring for Your Cat’s Eyes

To keep your cat’s eyes healthy, it’s important to maintain proper eye hygiene and watch for any signs of eye problems. Some tips for caring for your cat’s eyes include:

  • Gently wipe away any eye discharge daily with a soft, damp cloth. This helps prevent buildup and irritation. Be careful not to press on the eye.
  • Check your cat’s eyes every day. They should be bright, clear and free of redness or swelling. Cloudiness, squinting, or excessive tearing could indicate an eye infection.
  • Trim eye fur. Long hairs around the eyes can irritate them. Use blunt scissors to carefully trim excess fur.
  • Use eye drops. If your vet recommends medicated eye drops, follow their instructions carefully. Never use over-the-counter human eye drops.
  • Feed a balanced diet with taurine. Taurine deficiency can cause eye problems in cats. Make sure your cat’s food is supplemented with this amino acid.
  • Avoid rubbing eyes. Discourage your cat from excessively rubbing their eyes, which could cause trauma.
  • Protect eyes from injury. Keep household chemicals, toxins, and foreign objects away from your cat to prevent eye irritation or scratches.
  • See a vet annually. Have your vet examine your cat’s eyes closely each year to check for early signs of issues like glaucoma or cataracts.

With regular eye care and attention to changes, you can help keep your cat’s lovely eyes healthy and clear. Contact your veterinarian right away if you notice any eye abnormalities or signs of injury or illness. Proper treatment can help resolve many feline eye problems and restore comfort and vision.


After exploring the many features that make cat eyes so stunning, we can conclude that there are several factors that contribute to a cat having gorgeous eyes. Coat and eye color combinations, like blue or green eyes on a white or black cat, can create a striking contrast. Certain breeds are known for their brilliant eye shapes and sizes, like the exaggerated almond eyes of the Siamese. Eye colors like amber, green and odd-eyes draw attention. Distinctive patterns around the eyes also enhance their beauty, like the mascara lines of the Ragdoll. Proper lighting helps capture the full spectrum of colors and details in a cat’s eyes. While eye color and shape is determined genetically, providing a healthy diet and proper care can keep your cat’s eyes looking their best. When it comes to selecting the most beautiful cat eyes, there are many wonderful options to admire.

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