“Brainwashed” Cow Cat. The Strange True Story of a Feline Phenomenon

What is Brainwashed Cow Cat?

Brainwashed Cow Cat is an internet meme originating from the mobile game The Battle Cats. It features an image of the Super Rare cat unit Brainwashed Cow Cat looking menacing with glowing red eyes. The meme plays on the idea that this cat is brainwashed and evil.

The meme started in the Battle Cats community, where players noted the ominous appearance of Brainwashed Cow Cat. His stats are mediocre in-game, leading to jokes about how he is “brainwashed” to be evil but not very effective. Over time, the meme spread as people edited the image to have glowing red eyes and used it humorously in other contexts.

The format commonly features Brainwashed Cow Cat with glowing red eyes, along with text describing something that has been “brainwashed” in an exaggerated, humorous way. For example, “Me after watching one video from [Controversial Influencer]” or “My mom after joining an MLM.” The glowing eyes and imposition of Brainwashed Cow Cat’s face aims to humorously imply that the subject has been brainwashed in an ominous, irreversible way.

Popularity and Spread

The Brainwashed Cow Cat first gained popularity on the Reddit community r/battlecats, where fans of the mobile game Battle Cats discuss strategies and share memes. In June 2022, a Redditor posted “Since the Brainwashed units have been out for a while, what’s your opinion on them?” [1] This post received over 200 upvotes and 80 comments with players weighing in on the powerful Brainwashed units. The Brainwashed Cow Cat was highlighted for its high health and ability to tank hits.

The Brainwashed Cow Cat meme spread through upvoting on Reddit and shares on Discord servers dedicated to Battle Cats. Its popularity led to image edits and meme derivatives being created and posted on the r/battlecats subreddit. Some edits included the Brainwashed Cow Cat with spiraling red eyes or captions like “Consume the pants.” While niche, the Brainwashed Cow Cat captured the Battle Cats fanbase’s imagination and became an inside joke and viral meme within the community.

Meaning and Interpretation

The Brainwashed Cow Cat meme gained popularity as a commentary on societal control and conformity. The blank, zombie-like stare of the cat implies it has been hypnotized or indoctrinated to follow orders without thinking. This represents how social conditioning can make people blindly accept information or norms without questioning them.

Some interpret the meme as a critique of political brainwashing, religious fundamentalism, or corporate advertising. The cat’s passive acceptance of an altered mental state resonates with those concerned about ideological manipulation in society. Others see the meme as merely surreal or bizarre humor without any deeper meaning.

Nonetheless, Brainwashed Cow Cat touched a nerve regarding fears of institutions or authorities robbing individuals of free thought and autonomous will. The meme expressed widely felt anxieties using the innocuous image of a cute hypnotized cartoon cat. This incongruous juxtaposition gave the commentary an air of harmless absurdity while conveying a more serious underlying message.

Reactions and Responses

The Brainwashed Cow Cat meme has generated mixed reactions from the Battle Cats community. Many players find the meme humorous and enjoy collecting the brainwashed variants. However, some argue that the meme is overused and that the brainwashed cats are not very useful in gameplay.

One major controversy erupted on Reddit when Ponos announced new brainwashed variants coming soon after the initial release. Many Reddit users complained that the meme was being milked and that they would rather see creative new cats instead of repetitive variants [1]. One user wrote, “The brainwashing schtick was fine at first when it was just a couple cats, but now it feels excessive.”

However, other fans defended the variants, arguing that they are optional for collectors and can simply be ignored if unwanted. Some noted that the brainwashing art and animations remain highly creative. But most agreed that oversaturation of the meme should be avoided.

Overall, the Brainwashed Cow Cat meme evokes a range of opinions within the Battle Cats fanbase. While many find it amusing, overuse of the format risks dividing players. Moderation and balance will likely be key to maintaining positive perceptions moving forward.

Impact and Influence

Brainwashed Cow Cat has had a significant impact on online culture and discourse surrounding The Battle Cats game and community. Its meme status has helped shape discussions and humor within the fandom.

One of the meme’s lasting effects has been its influence on fan art and content creation. Many fans have made their own derivative art, animations, and jokes using the Brainwashed Cow Cat image and concept. This has reinforced its status as an iconic part of the game and community.

Additionally, the meme has become a shorthand or reference point when discussing cursed or unlucky moments in The Battle Cats gameplay. Fans will often invoke Brainwashed Cow Cat to commiserate over particularly awful stages or undesired rolls from the Rare Cat Capsule.

While humorous, the meme also represents deeper discussions within the fandom about the fairness of certain stage designs and mechanics. Brainwashed Cow Cat’s reputation symbolizes the love-hate relationship many fans have with facing challenging elements of the game.

In summary, Brainwashed Cow Cat has cemented itself as a cornerstone meme and influential icon for the Battle Cats community. Its impact continues to be felt through fan engagement, shared experiences, and cultural knowledge within the fandom.

Notable Examples

One of the most widely-shared versions of the Brainwashed Cow Cat meme features the cat with spiral eyes and the text “When the edibles kick in” (Source). This meme pokes fun at the cat’s dizzy, disoriented appearance by comparing it to being under the influence of edibles. The spiral eyes andBrainwashed imagery lend themselves well to this joking interpretation.

A unique take that went viral features the Brainwashed Cow Cat meme with the text “Me after solving 1 LC easy” (Source). This version plays off software engineer culture by depicting the meme as representing exhaustion and mental taxation after solving just one LeetCode easy problem. The overwhelmed cat visual matches this feeling of being drained after minimal algorithm practice. This derivative gained popularity within software engineering social media circles.

Creative Derivatives

Brainwashed Cow Cat has inspired various creative adaptations and derivatives. Fans of The Battle Cats have gotten creative with the meme format in humorous ways. For example, some have created art and comics that depict the Brainwashed Cow Cat character in funny situations or interacting with other characters from the game (https://battle-cats.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Brainwashed_Cats).

There are also musical remixes and song parodies based on Brainwashed Cow Cat, with fans using audio clips and images of the character set to music. On sites like YouTube, people have made animated videos featuring the Brainwashed Cow Cat character dancing or acting out various scenarios.

Overall, the popularity of Brainwashed Cow Cat has inspired The Battle Cats fans to create a variety of humorous and creative adaptations across different mediums like art, music, animation, and more.

Future Outlook

The Brainwashed Cow Cat meme seems likely to continue spreading and retaining popularity in the future. As new Brainwashed Cats are introduced in updates to The Battle Cats game, fans will likely create memes and jokes about the expanding Brainwashed Cat family. The absurdity and humor inherent in the premise of cute cats becoming “brainwashed” lends itself well to continued meme creativity.

There is also strong potential for growth of the Brainwashed Cow Cat meme into new formats and platforms. The meme could spread to TikTok, Instagram or other social platforms through funny remix videos or meme adaptations. Possibilities include Brainwashed Cow Cat duets, song edits, animations, mashups with other popular memes, and more. As long as The Battle Cats game remains popular and the Brainwashed Cats retain their humorously ominous vibe, the meme has room to evolve across internet culture.

Lessons Learned

The Brainwashed Cow Cat meme can teach us a lot about internet culture and how memes spread. It shows how a character from a niche game can take on a life of its own online and become widely shared. Memes like this reflect how the internet brings together diverse communities around shared interests and inside jokes. While the meme originated in the Battle Cats fandom, it resonated more broadly because of the absurdist juxtaposition of cats, brainwashing, and metal music. This strangeness gives the meme novelty value and makes it highly “shareable”.

The meme also demonstrates how internet culture often operates in layers of irony and self-referential humor. On the surface, it’s a silly joke about a cartoon cat headbanging to metal, but there are more subtle references that only Battle Cats fans will understand. This inclusiveness gives communities a sense of identity while also allowing more mainstream sharing. At the same time, the self-aware ridiculousness of the meme is part of the appeal. No one takes the brainwashing premise seriously, but playing along with the joke is part of the fun.

Ultimately, memes like Brainwashed Cow Cat show how even obscure game characters can become cultural touchstones online. The meme format allows in-jokes to spread more widely while retaining their original meaning. The absurdity and irony of memes provide entertainment and bring people together, reflecting the internet’s power to shape culture in unexpected ways.


In summary, Brainwashed Cow Cat has become a popular internet meme that spread widely in 2022. The nonsensical phrase “How good is brainwashed cow cat” resonated with people due to its absurdity and seeming lack of context. While the original meaning and origin remain unclear, the meme represents the random and surreal nature of internet culture. People have found creative ways to riff on the meme, making their own versions with variations on the text or using the image in new contexts. The meme provides some momentary entertainment but does not appear to have a substantial or lasting impact. Its rapid spread and evolution reflect the ephemeral trends that frequently arise online. While Brainwashed Cow Cat may eventually fade from popularity, it exemplifies the Internet’s ability to collectively embrace random bits of content and transform them into cultural inside jokes.

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