The Unexpected Powerhouse. Here’s Why Bahamut Cat is a Must-Have Unit


The Battle Cats is a popular tower defense mobile game developed by PONOS. Players collect and deploy different types of cats to defend their base against incoming enemies. One of the most powerful cats in the game is Bahamut Cat.

Bahamut Cat is a special cat that can be unlocked by completing a specific chapter in the game’s main story mode. Once obtained, Bahamut Cat provides players with a strong offensive option thanks to its high stats and versatile abilities.

High Health

Bahamut Cat possesses an impressive amount of health compared to other cats available at a similar cost. At level 30, Bahamut Cat has 104,400 health, which is very high for a cat that only costs 700 in-game cash to deploy. This allows Bahamut Cat to withstand multiple hits from enemies before dying, especially in the early stages of the game.

According to the Battle Cats Wiki, Bahamut Cat has the highest health of any Special Cat in the game [1]. This durability allows Bahamut Cat to lead attacks and tank damage from enemies. Players can deploy Bahamut Cat knowing he will survive for a decent amount of time, compared to cheaper cats with lower health. Overall, the high health pool is a key reason why Bahamut Cat remains relevant and useful throughout all stages of The Battle Cats.

High Damage

Bahamut Cat deals extremely high damage per hit for a ranged attacker, at 93,500 damage at level 30 ( This allows Bahamut Cat to quickly take down most enemies it faces. With its high damage output, Bahamut Cat can shred through enemies like peons and highly durable threats like bosses and metal enemies.

The multi-hit attack of Bahamut Cat allows it to deal its damage rapidly, unlike some high damage single hit attackers. This lets Bahamut Cat eliminate threats before they have a chance to advance. Combined with its high health, Bahamut Cat can trade blows with enemies while decimating them.

Overall, the sheer damage per hit that Bahamut Cat outputs allows it to function as both a generalist cat that can take on any enemy, and as a devastating anti-boss and anti-metal specialist. There are few threats that can withstand more than a couple strikes from Bahamut Cat.

Long Range

One of the key advantages of Bahamut Cat is its exceptionally long attack range. At 450 range, Bahamut Cat can strike enemies from much farther away than the 230-350 range of most basic cats (Battle Cats Wiki). This allows Bahamut Cat to damage and knock back enemies while staying safely out of harm’s way.

Thanks to its long range, Bahamut Cat is less likely to take damage than short-ranged cats. It can chip away at tough enemies like bosses without putting itself in danger. This gives Bahamut Cat staying power that short-ranged cats lack. While basic cats may get wiped out attempting to approach bosses and long-ranged enemies, Bahamut Cat can strike from afar turn after turn.

Fast Movement

One of the standout features of Bahamut Cat is its extremely fast movement speed. Bahamut Cat can move very quickly across the battlefield compared to many other cats and enemies [1]. This allows Bahamut Cat to swiftly maneuver into position and attack the enemy. It also enables Bahamut Cat to swiftly reposition itself to avoid incoming threats from long-range enemies.

Bahamut Cat’s fast movement gives it an advantage over slower cats and enemies. It can outmaneuver foes and strike them rapidly. Bahamut Cat’s speed allows it to serve as both an offensive attacker and evasive support unit. Its swiftness makes Bahamut Cat difficult for enemies to pin down.

Low Cost

One of the best aspects of Bahamut Cat is its relatively low upgrade cost compared to its high power output. According to the Battle Cats Wiki, it only costs a total of 6,499,000 XP to upgrade Bahamut Cat from level 1 to level 30 [1]. This makes Bahamut Cat very easy to deploy even without much in-game money, especially when considering its long range, high damage, and high health. Many other cats with comparable stats often cost far more XP to upgrade. The low upgrade cost allows players to start utilizing Bahamut Cat’s power very early on, helping them progress further in the game.


Bahamut Cat excels in all the core stats that matter for cats, having no major weaknesses. His main strengths are:

  • High health, allowing him to survive multiple hits from enemies
  • High damage, with his attacks able to take huge chunks out of enemies’ health
  • Long range, allowing him to hit enemies from afar without taking damage
  • Fast movement speed, letting him get into position quickly

With excellent base stats in every category, Bahamut Cat is considered one of the most well-rounded cats in the game. He has no obvious flaws, and his balanced stats make him useful in nearly any lineup or battle situation. This versatility is a big part of what makes Bahamut Cat so valued by players.

Effective Against All Types

One of Bahamut Cat’s biggest strengths is his ability to deal massive damage to any enemy type, whether it’s Red, Floating, Angel, or others. With his high damage output at 2,400 per hit at level 30, Bahamut can shred through enemies regardless of their type. As the Battle Cats Wiki mentions, Bahamut’s damage is “enough to shred most units with under 320 range.”

This makes Bahamut an extremely versatile attacker that can be deployed against any enemy lineup. Most cats in The Battle Cats have strengths and weaknesses depending on the enemy types. But Bahamut’s sheer power allows him to act as an all-purpose nuker, able to contribute in any battle. His wide effectiveness against all types makes him a valuable asset throughout the game.

In summary, Bahamut Cat’s massive area attack damage and ability to deal heavy damage to any enemy type makes him a versatile attacker who can punch through any lineup of foes. This well-rounded offensive capability is a key reason why many Battle Cats players consider Bahamut to be such a good special cat.

Useful Throughout Game

Bahamut Cat remains one of the top long-range attackers from early game all the way through endgame content. According to the Battle Cats Wiki, “Bahamut Cat is considered to be one of the best long ranged cats in the game” and is a “necessity for completing Stories of Legend and other late SoL stages” (source). Reddit users echo this sentiment, with one commenting that “Bahamut will be useful even until endgame” (source).

His well-rounded stats and abilities make Bahamut Cat a long-term investment. He can contribute meaningful damage throughout all parts of the game, from Empire of Cats to Legend stages and beyond. Players will find his versatility and power indispensable.


In summary, Bahamut Cat is considered one of the best cats in The Battle Cats due to its well-rounded stats and abilities. It has high health and damage, allowing it to withstand attacks while dishing out powerful blows against enemies. Its long-range attacks and fast movement speed allow it to hit foes from a safe distance. Despite its strengths, Bahamut Cat only costs 700 to deploy, making it very cost efficient.

Bahamut Cat is effective against all enemy types and remains useful at all stages of the game. Its evolved True Form improves its abilities even further. For these reasons, all Battle Cats players are highly recommended to obtain Bahamut Cat by completing Empire of Cats Chapter 3. Upgrading it to higher levels will provide an excellent generalist cat unit.

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