Amaterasu. The Cat Goddess in Battle Cats – Is She Worth it?

Introducing Amaterasu in Battle Cats

Amaterasu is an Uber Rare cat in Battle Cats that can be unlocked by playing the Rare Cat Capsule. She is a well-rounded attacker with high stats, multi-hit attacks, and abilities that make her effective against aliens, angels, and zombies.

According to the Battle Cats Wiki [1], Amaterasu has high health, attack power, and range compared to other Uber Rare cats. She attacks by sending out energy waves that hit enemies multiple times. Her attack animation consists of 9 hits, allowing her to deal heavy damage to single targets as well as groups.

Some of Amaterasu’s notable abilities include increased damage versus alien, angel, and zombie enemies. She also has barrier breaker, which gives her a chance to negate barriers and shields. Overall, Amaterasu is a versatile attacker that can fill multiple roles in Battle Cats lineups.

Amaterasu’s Stats

According to the Battle Cats Wiki on Fandom, Amaterasu is an Uber Rare cat with high health, damage, and range[1]. Her stats at level 30 are:

  • Health: 53,400
  • Damage: 16,200
  • Range: 450 (Area Attack)
  • Movement Speed: 10
  • Attack Speed: 1 attack per 4.53 seconds
  • Attack Animation: 3f
  • Cost: $4950
  • Recharge: 169.87 seconds

MyGamatoto also confirms these high stats for health, damage, and range compared to other Uber Rare cats[2]. With area attack capability, Amaterasu can hit multiple enemies at once with her excellent range. Her decent movement speed allows her to keep up with meatshields and get in position to utilize her area attacks. While her attack speed is slow, her high damage makes up for it against traited enemies.

Amaterasu’s Abilities

Amaterasu has a few notable abilities that make her a strong Uber Rare in Battle Cats.

First, she has the ability to block waves, which allows her to shield your other cats from wave attacks. This can be extremely useful against enemies like Bun Bun variants that can decimate your forces with waves 1.

Second, Amaterasu has a 100% chance for critical hits against traited enemies like angels, aliens, and zombies. This allows her to deal massive damage to these threats. Her critical hits deal 5x damage, letting her shred powerful traited enemies 2.

Finally, she has a decent chance to land critical hits against non-traited enemies as well. Her crit chance against normal enemies is 10%, giving her solid generalist damage 3.

With wave blocking, powerful crits, and generalist damage, Amaterasu’s abilities make her a versatile offensive Uber.

Amaterasu’s Evolution

Amaterasu can be evolved twice, first into her second form Shining Amaterasu and then into her third and final form Almighty Amaterasu. To evolve into Shining Amaterasu, Amaterasu must reach level 10 and the player must spend 30 catfruit. Shining Amaterasu gains a higher level cap of 30 and increased stats. To reach the third form Almighty Amaterasu, Shining Amaterasu must reach level 30 and the player must spend 60 catfruit. According to the Battle Cats wiki[1], Almighty Amaterasu gains significantly higher stats, especially damage and health.

The key evolutions for Amaterasu are gaining higher stats to make her a powerful late game Uber. Her damage and health see large boosts at each evolution stage, making her much stronger against powerful enemies. Her evolving forms also increase her longevity in levels. While her initial form can be useful early on, evolving Amaterasu is essential to get the most out of her late game as she can better survive deadly attacks and dish out heavy damage. The steep catfruit evolution costs reflect her great stat gains.

Amaterasu vs Other Ubers

Amaterasu is considered one of the top Uber Rare cats in Battle Cats. She is especially strong against Red and Angel enemies due to her 100% chance to deal critical hits against them. How does she compare to other popular Uber Rare cats?

Compared to Grateful Crane, Amaterasu has higher DPS and health but lower range and movement speed. She also lacks Grateful Crane’s abilities to freeze Angels and boost worker cat levels. However, her much higher damage output makes her better for quickly defeating tough Red and Angel enemies.

Against Kasa Jizo, Amaterasu has the advantage in health, damage and standing range. But Jizo has much faster recharge time and can be boosted further with level upgrades. Jizo is considered one of the best generalist Ubers, while Amaterasu excels most against her targeted traits.

Momotaro has similar perks against Red and Angels but is generally considered weaker overall. Amaterasu has better stats, longer standing range, higher DPS and more versatility against other enemy types.

Compared to long-range Ubers like Cosmo or Urashima Taro, Amaterasu has much higher close-range firepower but lacks their long-distance capabilities. She fills a different niche and role on your team.

Effective Usage

Amaterasu is best utilized as an offensive frontline unit against enemies with traits thanks to her massive damage ability. Here are some tips for using her effectively:

Keep her protected behind meatshields like Wall Cat or Crazed Cat so she can stay alive to keep dealing damage. Don’t send her out alone or she’ll get killed quickly.

Use her abilities wisely – save Divine Wind for key moments when you need to do huge damage to boss enemies or enemy bases. Don’t waste it on weak enemies.

Stack her with other anti-trait Ubers like Jizo or Gamereon for maximum damage against traits.

Only use her against trait enemies – her single target damage makes her ineffective against crowds.

Leverage her long range of 550 to hit enemies from safety. Keep distance between her and threats.

Aim to keep her health above 50% to benefit from her strengthened form. Let her rest and restore health between waves.

Maximize her performance with attack up combos like Biohazard to amplify her already devastating strikes.

Level Progression

Amaterasu is a powerful Uber Rare cat that becomes stronger as she levels up. At level 1, her main attack does 2,500 damage to aliens. By level 10, this attack power increases to 7,500 damage. Once Amaterasu reaches level 20, her attack power grows significantly to 12,000 damage per hit on aliens.

At level 30, Amaterasu reaches her maximum base attack power of 17,000 damage to aliens per hit. With maxed out treasures, this attack can deal up to 51,000 damage to aliens, making her one of the hardest hitting anti-alien cats in the game. Her high DPS allows her to shred through alien enemies with ease.

In addition to raw attack power, Amaterasu gains range as she levels up. At level 1 she can only hit aliens within her close range. By level 10 her range expands to 465, and at level 30 she can strike aliens from a range of 610. This extended range combined with her devastating attack power enables her to eliminate aliens before they can approach your front lines.

Overall, Amaterasu transforms from a mediocre Uber Rare at level 1 into an alien-destroying powerhouse by level 30. Her growing stats make her one of the most valuable Ubers to invest XP into leveling up. A high leveled Amaterasu will carry players through the toughest alien stages.


Despite Amaterasu’s strengths, she does have some weaknesses that limit her effectiveness in certain situations:

Her single target attack means she struggles against groups of enemies. Amaterasu won’t be able to take out multiple peons or support units quickly.

With a significant blindspot in her 450-600 range, fast moving enemies can sneak past Amaterasu while she’s attacking. This leaves her vulnerable to being overwhelmed.

Her high cost of 4500 means you need to invest a lot of XP to deploy Amaterasu. It may not be viable in early game stages.

Against enemies with high HP or resistance, Amaterasu’s damage output can be less impressive. Her DPS trails some other top ubers.

She is outranged by many long distance attackers like Urashima Taro and Mighty Kat-A-Pult. Keeping her protected is important.

Overall, Amaterasu functions best as a damage supplement for close-mid range. Expecting her to carry your lineup alone will lead to struggles.

Ideal Team Synergies

Amaterasu works well when paired with other long-ranged attackers like Zeus or Aphrodite. Her massive range allows her to hit enemies from behind the protection of meatshields like Crazed Cat or Manic Eraser.

Good synergies mentioned on Reddit include using Amaterasu with cc units like Cyberpunk Cat to slow enemies, or with Crit hitters like Hurricat to increase damage output.

Pairing Amaterasu with high DPS ubers like Gao or Mitama complements her trait damage. Their combined firepower can shred through tough enemies. Just be sure to provide ample meatshielding.

Overall, Amaterasu’s versatility allows her to excel in many lineups. Focus on stacking damage and controlling the battlefield to enable her to unleash her full potential.

Verdict on Amaterasu

In summary, Amaterasu can be considered one of the top tier Uber units in Battle Cats. With high health, good ranged area attack, and massive damage to Angel and Floating enemies, she excels in many situations ( Her evolved form gains additional abilities like critical hits and survivability that further boost her capabilities. While she does have some weaknesses against traits like Metal and Black, her versatility and well-rounded stats make her a great addition to any player’s lineup.

When compared to other Uber units, Amaterasu consistently ranks near the top for her damage output, spammability, and multi-purpose use cases. Many players agree she’s among the best anti-Angel and anti-Floating Ubers, even at higher levels of play ( Her strengths clearly outweigh her flaws. For both new and experienced Battle Cats players alike, Amaterasu is easy to recommend as a trusty Uber capable of carrying teams through tough stages.

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