Make Your Own Kitty With Little Alchemy’s Secret Cat Formula

Introduction to Little Alchemy

Little Alchemy is a popular online puzzle and crafting game where players mix different elements to create new objects. The game was created in 2012 by Recloak in Prague and is available to play for free on browsers and as an app.

The goal of Little Alchemy is to start with basic elements like air, earth, fire and water, and then combine them to unlock new elements. For example, combining air and water makes rain, while combining fire and earth makes lava. As you progress, you’ll unlock more complex elements and lifeforms like humans, animals, plants and metals.

With over 500 elements to discover, Little Alchemy offers an expansive crafting experience. The simple but addictive gameplay has made it a hit among puzzle game fans. While the original Little Alchemy is browser-based, the series has expanded to a downloadable version for PC and apps for iOS and Android.

Little Alchemy stands out for its creative “what if” approach and sense of discovery. Players must experiment to find new combinations, with the elements interacting in logical yet unpredictable ways. This engages imagination and deductive reasoning in a fun, hands-on format.

Making a Cat in Little Alchemy

Making a cat in Little Alchemy is relatively simple. Here are the elements you need to combine:

  • Air
  • Water
  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Energy
  • Animal
  • Milk

Follow these steps to make a cat:

    follow these steps to make a cat in game.

  1. Start by combining air and water to create rain.
  2. Combine earth and rain to get plant.
  3. Combine fire and plant to get energy.
  4. Combine energy and water to get swamp.
  5. Combine swamp and energy to create life.
  6. Combine life and earth to get animal.
  7. Finally, combine animal and milk to create cat.

As you can see, making a cat requires building up from basic elements like air, water, earth and fire to more complex combinations. The key is getting animal and then combining with milk. With just a few steps, you’ll have a cute cat in your Little Alchemy world!

Tips and Tricks

Little Alchemy involves a lot of experimentation and trial and error to discover new combinations. Here are some tips and tricks to make the process easier:

focus on hints and take breaks when stuck.

Focus first on the four basic elements: air, fire, water, and earth. Try combining them in different ways to unlock more elements. For example, combining earth and fire creates lava. Lava and air makes stone.

Pay attention to the hints provided when you hover over an item. This gives clues about what that item can be combined with to make new things.

Use the official Little Alchemy hints page strategically if you get stuck. Refer to to find recipes for specific items without spoiling all the combinations.

Don’t forget you can combine more than two items. Experiment by dragging multiple elements together to see what happens.

If you combine two items and nothing happens, try dragging the new item you just created to other things. New combinations unlock over time.

Have patience and enjoy the process of discovery. Part of the fun with Little Alchemy is the feeling of achievement when you finally make a breakthrough.

Other Animals You Can Make

One of the fun parts of Little Alchemy is mixing different elements to create all kinds of animals. Here are some other animals you can make:

Elephant – Combine wild animal and tank ( This makes sense because elephants are large wild animals.

Panda – Mix bamboo and wild animal together ( Pandas eat bamboo, so this combination produces the cute black and white bear.

Fox – Mix chicken and wild animal ( Foxes like to eat chickens, so this recipe makes a fox.

Frog – Combine pond and wild animal ( Frogs live in ponds, so this combination makes a frog.

With over 700 items to discover, there are tons of animals you can create by mixing different elements. Keep trying new combinations to see what you can make!

Myths and Legends Elements

The Myths and Monsters content pack for Little Alchemy 2 introduces many new mythological elements that you can create. Some of the legends and myths elements that can be made include:

myths and legends pack adds magical elements.

  • Dragon – Combine lizard and monster, fire and monster, or volcano and monster
  • Unicorn – Combine horse and rainbow, or horse and fantasy
  • Mermaid – Combine human and fish, or woman and fish
  • Fairy – Combine air and human, or butterfly and human
  • Angel – Combine human and sky, or human and bird
  • Demon – Combine human and hell, or human and evil
  • Werewolf – Combine wolf and human, or wolf and moon

As you can see, many mythological creatures can be created by combining human or animal elements with more magical or supernatural elements. The Myths and Monsters content pack adds a whole new realm of imaginative possibilities to Little Alchemy 2!

Energy Elements

Some of the key energy elements in Little Alchemy include Fire, Sun, Lightning, and Electricity. These elements allow you to generate power and light which are essential for creating more advanced combinations.

Fire is one of the four basic elements in Little Alchemy and can be created by combining Air and Lava, or by combining Air and Energy. Some examples of recipes using Fire are:

  • Fire + Stone = Metal
  • Fire + Metal = Molten Metal
  • Fire + Tree = Ash

Sun can be made by combining Light and Air. You can then use Sun to create other elements like Plant and Rainbow. For example:

  • Sun + Plant = Fruit
  • Sun + Sky = Rainbow

Lightning can be created by combining Cloud and Air. Lightning allows you to make Electricity. For example:

  • Lightning + Metal = Electricity

As you can see, energy elements are important building blocks in Little Alchemy that help generate key combinations across the game.

Food Combo Elements

There are many fun food combinations you can make in Little Alchemy. To make basic food items, start with the ‘plant’ and ‘water’ elements. For example, combining plant and water makes ‘fruit’, which can then be combined with milk to make ‘ice cream’.

Some other examples of food combinations include:

  • Fruit + flour = cake (
  • Egg + milk = pancake
  • Bread + cheese = pizza
  • Sugar + egg + wheat = cake (
  • Potato + cheese + sausage = pierogi

As you can see, many basic food ingredients like fruit, milk, egg, flour and more can be combined in creative ways to make your favorite tasty treats. Try out different food combinations and see what you can cook up!

Advanced Combos

As you progress in Little Alchemy, you’ll start to discover more complex combinations that require 5 or more elements. Here are some of the more advanced recipes you can make:

Life – This important combo requires air, earth, fire and water. Combining the four essential elements produces the spark of life needed to create people, animals and plants.

Skyscraper – Buildings start with house + brick. Add glass for windows, metal for beams and electricity for power to make a skyscraper. You can also substitute wood for brick.

more advanced combos require 5+ elements.

Ocean – Start with pond + water, then add waves by combining wind + sea. Add beach with sand + water, and you’ve got yourself an ocean.

Rainbow – Make rain by combining air + water. Add sun for rainbow. You can also make rainbow with sunlight + waterfall.

As you combine more elements, you’ll find creative new combinations. Don’t forget you can check the ‘Last 10’ menu to see your recent mixes. With over 500 items to discover, there are plenty of advanced recipes to uncover in Little Alchemy.

Tips for Getting Stuck

Getting stuck is part of the fun in Little Alchemy, but it can also be frustrating when you just can’t figure out the right combinations. Here are some tips to get unstuck:

Strategies for getting unstuck:

  • Try combining items that seem logically connected – for example, earth + fire could make lava.
  • Pay attention to the element categories – combining items from the same category often works.
  • If you’re trying to make an animal or plant, start with basic nature elements like air, water, fire, and earth.
  • Use the hints! Clicking “Need a hint?” will give you hints for new combinations to try out.
  • Take a break and come back to the game later with fresh eyes.
  • Start a new game and explore different combination paths.

You can also browse the Little Alchemy hints page or the Little Alchemy 2 hints to find ideas. Trying random combinations is part of the fun – sometimes you’ll make unexpected discoveries!

If you’re really stuck, don’t be afraid to start a new game and explore different combination paths. This can jog new ideas and help you get unstuck. Just have fun playing and part of the reward is that feeling when you finally figure out the right combinations!


Little Alchemy is an incredibly fun game of combining different elements to discover hundreds of exciting new ones. We started this article learning how to make a cat, by combining air, earth, fire, and water. With just four basic elements, we created a cute, furry feline to play with.

Throughout the article, we explored advanced tips and tricks, intriguing mythological elements, the best food and energy mixtures, and how to progress from simple to complex combinations. There are nearly 700 items to find in Little Alchemy 2, but starting with the basics is key.

I encourage you to continue trying new mixtures, refer back to combinations that give you trouble, and have fun exploring the wide world this game offers. With curiosity and perseverance, you’ll unlock items you never thought possible. Don’t get discouraged if you feel stuck – taking a break and coming back with fresh eyes usually does the trick.

Little Alchemy is an infinite source of discovery, learning, and entertainment. I hope this guide provided a solid introduction to get you started. Now go out there, combine some elements, and see what you can create!

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