Does Cat & Jack Make Clothes For Grown-Ups? The Truth About Their Adult Collection

Cat & Jack is a private label apparel and accessories brand created by Target Corporation in 2016. According to Target, it aims to “[provide] a complete line of apparel and gear for kids and baby that is stylish, affordable and available only at Target.”

The brand was launched in July 2016 with a large collection of apparel, accessories, swimwear, and more for newborns, toddlers, and kids up to size 18. Target stated the brand was designed with feedback from over 14,000 parents as well as design teams that traveled the world for inspiration. The name Cat & Jack evokes a sense of adventure and play.

Since its launch, Cat & Jack has become one of Target’s most successful private label brands. By the end of its first year, it had reached over $2 billion in sales, making it one of the most successful children’s brand launches in history. The brand has continued to expand its selection while focusing on style, quality, and value.

Target Market

happy kid wearing a colorful cat & jack t-shirt
The Cat & Jack clothing line by Target was originally aimed at kids and babies when it first launched in 2016. The brand has been hugely popular with parents thanks to its affordable prices, wide selection of sizes, and trendy yet practical styles [1]. Cat & Jack filled a niche in the market for quality, inexpensive children’s apparel.

Prior to the introduction of the adult collection in 2021, Cat & Jack exclusively offered clothing, shoes, accessories, and other products for babies, toddlers, kids, and young teens. The core customer base was millennial moms shopping for their growing families. The brand name is a nod to Target’s historical bullseye logo.

Product Range

Cat & Jack started exclusively as a children’s apparel brand when it launched in 2016. The brand’s focus was on babies, toddlers, and kids up to size XL 1. The product range included clothing essentials like tops, bottoms, dresses, swimwear, shoes, and accessories. Cat & Jack established itself as a go-to brand for high quality, comfortable kids’ basics at affordable prices.

Expansion Into Adult Clothes

cat & jack shirts on display in target store
Cat & Jack, Target’s popular kids and baby brand, recently announced that it will be expanding into adult apparel for the first time. After achieving immense success in the children’s market, Cat & Jack is leveraging its brand recognition to launch a new line of premium basics for adults.

The new adult collection launched on and in select Target stores nationwide in early 2022. Spanning apparel, accessories, and shoes for both men and women, the adult Cat & Jack line focuses on timeless staples and modern essentials.

Key product offerings include denim, tees, hoodies, joggers, dresses, and outerwear. The adult clothes showcase the same attention to detail in design, fabric selection, and construction that Cat & Jack is known for in kids’ fashion. The brand promises stylish, affordable clothing made with thoughtful craftsmanship and premium materials.

The expansion allows loyal Cat & Jack customers to stay with their beloved brand as their children grow up. It also introduces new customers to the label through an adult line reflecting the brand’s youthful, trend-forward aesthetic.

Adult Collection Details

The new Cat & Jack adult collection features casual, comfortable clothing in the brand’s signature colorful, playful styles. Pieces include graphic tees, jeans, joggers, dresses, activewear, and more. Prices range from $10-40 for tops and $20-50 for bottoms, making the adult line very affordable compared to other Target brands like Universal Thread and Wild Fable (Source).

The adult Cat & Jack line includes regular women’s sizes XS-XXL and plus sizes 1X-4X. Sizing is consistent with Target’s usual women’s clothing offerings. According to Redditors who have purchased the new adult pieces, the fit tends to run true-to-size (Source). The collection features both woven and knit fabrics in an array of colors and prints.

Key signature Cat & Jack details like playful embroidered critters, bright patterns, and distressing can be found across the women’s pieces. The adult line features a similar casual, youthful aesthetic to the kids’ offerings.

Where To Buy

The new adult line from Cat & Jack is currently available at select Target stores across the United States. Many of the larger SuperTarget locations will carry a selection of the adult apparel collection. You can check availability at your local store using Target’s online store locator.

In addition to in-store purchases, the full adult collection can be shopped online at The adult clothes are integrated into Target’s overall Cat & Jack product pages, which feature clothes, shoes and accessories for babies, kids, toddlers and adults. Shoppers can filter by size, style and price point to easily find items in the adult range.

Target also offers free shipping on orders over $35 as well as convenient order pickup options for online purchases. Check the Target app or website for current promotions and deals on the new adult Cat & Jack line.

Customer Reception

The launch of Cat & Jack’s adult clothing line in 2022 was met with mixed reviews from customers. Many loyal fans of the kids brand were excited to see the expansion into adult sizes. As one Reddit user commented, “I love their kids clothes and it would be great to have some comfy basics in similar styles for myself!” (Source).

woman browsing new cat & jack adult clothes

However, some customers felt the adult line did not fully capture the Cat & Jack aesthetic and favored Target’s existing adult brands like A New Day and Universal Thread. As another Redditor wrote, “The adult C&J clothes I saw seemed kinda boring and generic. Not nearly as cute as the kids stuff.” (Source).

Early reviews indicate the adult clothing line has potential but needs to further differentiate itself. Focusing on core Cat & Jack styles like graphic tees, joggers, and denim customized for adults could make the brand stand out more amidst Target’s other in-house labels. As they expand the line, maintaining the quality and value Cat & Jack is known for will be key to winning over customers new and old.

Future Expansion Plans

Currently there are no official plans announced by Target to expand the Cat & Jack brand further into the adult clothing market. However, some speculate that Target may test the waters given the interest expressed by customers on forums like Reddit (source). While Target offers some basics and loungewear that can work for adults up to size XXL, the Cat & Jack children’s line tops out at size XL (18/20) which leaves many fans wanting more. Target may be cautious about diluting their core Cat & Jack kids brand by expanding too quickly before gauging customer response.

However, the affordability, style, and quality that Cat & Jack is known for could attract both parents and other adults if expanded. Target would need to carefully consider sizing, styles, and branding to appeal to the young adult market. More modest and casual everyday wear seems to be an area of demand based on customer feedback. Target has not announced any official timeline for potentially expanding Cat & Jack offerings for adults in the future.

Comparable Brands

Cat & Jack has positioned itself as an affordable, reliable kids’ clothing brand. As it expands into adult apparel, it will compete with established value-focused brands like Old Navy and Target’s in-house brands.

Compared to fast fashion staples like H&M, Cat & Jack emphasizes durability and classic styling over trendiness. Its products could appeal to budget-conscious shoppers looking for adult basics. The brand will need to stand out from competitors by highlighting its quality materials and craftsmanship.

While not yet a fashion leader, Cat & Jack offers comparable style to mall brands like Gap and American Eagle at lower price points. It may struggle to take significant market share from these entrenched players. Effective marketing showcasing its value and targeting older Millennials and Gen X shoppers will be key.

Overall, Cat & Jack is well positioned to transfer its reputation for affordable, quality kids’ clothing into the adult market. But it will need to clearly communicate its unique value proposition to carve out a niche amongst established value apparel brands.


parent holding baby in cat & jack onesie
In summary, Cat & Jack is Target’s popular kids and baby clothing brand that has achieved huge success since its launch in 2016. While Cat & Jack has no dedicated adult clothing line yet, some of its clothing like graphic tees and basics can work for adults too. The core focus remains on kids and baby products for now. However, given the brand’s popularity and growth, expanding into adult sizes in the future remains a possibility. The main question posed was whether Cat & Jack makes adult clothing – and the answer is not specifically, but select items may fit grown-ups as well. Target also carries other exclusive apparel brands for adults. Overall, Cat & Jack fills an important niche with stylish, affordable kids and baby clothes at Target.

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